The Truth About Eczema – It’s Not Pretty!

You’re probably reading this because you have eczema and want a cure? Or you have children who suffer from eczema RIGHT?

Well, I won’t lie to you… There is no known cure for eczema at the moment.

So why read on?

It may be true that there’s no cure for eczema but that doesn’t mean that you can’t manage the condition to the point that you wouldn’t even know you had eczema. You may speak to people who say they cured their eczema. HOW I ASK?  Did they take a pill and it just disappeared or did they use a cream and suddenly eczema vanished, then why do I and maybe you still have eczema? Where is this magic pill and cream?

How did they cure their eczema?

The truth about eczema is they didn’t cure their eczema, what happened is, they managed their eczema until their skin condition went away. Eczema is known to disappear in younger people under the age of 25 without any warning. If you’re older than 25 then the symptoms can go away but are more likely to re-appear later in life or if you don’t continue to manage the condition.

What can I do to manage my eczema until it goes away?

Simple… Moisturize daily! and follow some simple steps to manage not only your eczema but the environment you live in.

I cream myself 3-4 times a day, YES it’s a pain and disrupts my daily life but its the only way to ease my eczema and the urge to itch.

There are many types of cream and lotions to moisturize eczema available from your Doctor and over the counter, below are a few I have used and one I still use. They are available on AMAZON. Your skin constantly changes and so must your treatment, hence I said some I used and one I’m still using.

  • Eucerin: Natural colloidal oatmeal really good product when I was younger but seem to stop working as I got older.

What’s been done to find a cure?

You can rest assured eczema research has never been in a better place than it is right now. Currently, over 40 studies are being carried out worldwide and the focus on ECZEMA IN BABIES is at the forefront of this research. Some studies are not about curing eczema but tackling the important issues of ECZEMA AND DEPRESSION a very serious topic and one that is often overlooked. The focus is always on cream and injections like DUPIXENT which we wrote about recently CLICK HERE.

When I read all the great articles on websites like THE BRITISH SKIN FOUNDATION I feel more confident there will be a cure for eczema one day, but until that day comes all we can do is manage our condition and manage any irritants that will affect your skin in a negative way. The truth about eczema is all about not fooling yourself, be honest and set realistic goals.

How can I manage my eczema?

creaming eczema

Here are a few tips and simple life changes that you can make to help manage your condition whilst a cure is being found.

  • Worry and stress is a big part of eczema flare-ups, try to use relaxation methods
  • Avoid extremes in temperature
  • Avoid clothes containing coarse wool or synthetic fibres
  • Avoid use of soaps and detergents
  • Keep fingernails short
  • Get tested for allergies
  • Don’t take HOT showers or baths, have cool ones
  • Alcohol and caffeine can affect your eczema so limit your intake
  • Use distraction techniques to stop the urge to itch
  • Avoid, where possible, anything known to increase disease severity
  • Get some sleep, tiredness is eczema’s friend.


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So, the truth about eczema is not what you wanted to read about or hear, I know but it is the truth. You need to be correctly informed so you can prepare yourself or your child for the struggle to manage and control your eczema. Don’t let eczema win the battle each day and don’t let it stop you living your life.

Manage eczema out of your life! Don’t let eczema manage you!

We hope you’ve found this article useful If you have please share it with your friends and let us know how you manage eczema.

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