Why Vacuum Cleaners Control Eczema

Why Vacuum Cleaners Control Eczema

Benefits of Vacuum For People Suffering From Eczema/Allergies

You’re finally here after getting the wind that those flakiness, rashes, and bumps popping up on your skin are symptoms of eczema. How about we show you why vacuum cleaners may be a curse or a way out of your eczema/allergies? Right here, we also give you a set of top-liners recommendations of vacuum systems to choose from. First off, see the big picture of what eczema and allergies are below.

Eczema is an acute or chronic inflammation of the skin. The symptoms may include; redness of the skin, itching or skin rashes. Eczema is a non-contagious skin disease that affects the skin (such as the fold of the elbows or knees). Eczema is said to occur due to the amount of dust mite present in your house. 

On the other hand, allergy is a disorder in the immune system, basically a weak body defense system against pathogens. A slight contact with whatever you’re allergic to, dust in the case of eczema, exposes you to further illness.

So where does a vacuum cleaner come in? See below.

Why Vacuum Cleaners Control Eczema

For people allergic to dust, sweeping with a broom during  the weekends’ home maintenance may not be very good. Brooms are known to stir up dust regardless of how carefully you sweep or how apparently dust-free your home appears. Therefore, cleaning with vacuum is the best way to reduce allergies and make our home allergen-free.

A frequent cleaning of your house with a vacuum lowers the number of pathogens. You want to be sure your house is well cleaned always by giving it a good scrub every week. Areas demanding much of your attention, however, include; the doors, windowsills, crown molding, ceiling fans, furniture, toilet, bathroom.

Most people fallback to pills, inhalers, nasal drops, and EpiPens to treat allergies. Unfortunately, recent research shows the unavailability of cure for allergies. So you see the only option for now is prevention. That is keeping a dust-free environment. 

A vacuum cleaner reduces allergy symptoms by getting rid of allergy triggers such as dust mites. Though having your windows closed often and minimizing the use of mechanical fans are other safety measures. But if you happen to be allergic to the smell from shoes, a set of shoe odor control measures help build the bridge between you and eczema. More sources of eczema below though.


Other Ways Your Home is exposed to Eczema


Air pollution

Doesn’t come from car exhaust or factory smoke alone, it can come from dust mites, mold spores, pollen, and pet dander in the air and this can cause problems if you have allergies or asthma. The dominant home allergen is Dust Mite Allergy. Dust mites can cover your mattresses. Using HEPA filters because they contain high efficient particulate air that can trap pollutants and will help relieve allergies. Make sure you change the filter bag every six months because if you don’t change the filter, it can cause the trapped dirt to return back into the atmosphere.

A hot and humid home

Can cause dust mites and mold. So ensure that your AC is switched on during pollen season and keep the room temperatures between 20-22 celsius. High humidity can lead to mold growth or allergies. For couples that are just thinking of  renting an apartment, it can be thereby advised to test the humidity of the house they are about to obtain by measuring the humidity of the house, clean up your house with HEPA filter vacuum cleaners and choose an air filter that has a small-particle or high-efficiency filter.

Meanwhile other than dust/dirt allergy, below are 2 allergies responsible for eczema.

Pet allergies

Meanwhile, being allergic to dust aside, there’s the chance of getting diagnosed with pet allergy which causes eczema. In this case, you have an over-reactive immune system that blows-up in contact with harmless proteins in pets urine, sweat, saliva or dead skin cells (dander). You sure are allergic to pets if you notice these symptoms; congestion, watery eyes or nose, coughing and wheezing. animal fur or feathers as these easily collect pollen, mold spores, and dust mites. 

Allergic dander

Dead skin cells in cats and dogs is not due to the length of the fur but caused by pet’s urine, sweat or saliva. Therefore, vacuum cleaners can be used to clean your pet or better still frequent bathing of the pet can reduce the number of allergies caused by them. Dead skin cells (dander) can be hard to remove from the floor or from the body of the animal, so if thorough bathing refuses to remove them, a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner can be used to remove it. The urine of an animal on the floor or in the entire house can cause a serious allergy. Vacuum cleaners can help to create an allergy or eczema free area from the carpet or the entire house.

Recommended Vacuum Cleaners

According to studies, not all vacuums are safety-wise. Tens of brands couldn’t pass the EFL test, they take the backdoor to the market. Every. Single. Day. A large cut of those, in addition, are either eczema-carriers to your toddler or predicted to expose pregnant women to eczema-causing bacteria (eew…). But here’s even more. Except with an HEPA filters vacuum brand, most vacuums are essentially harmful particles-spillers. Over a long usage, your body system is sure to become a skinny baggage of gazillions of nanoparticles. Duh… But bring in an HEPA filter and you’ll get rid of 99.9% of bacteria and allergens in the environment. Time to cash in on an HEPA filter, right? Below are the vacuum types with HEPA filters you want in your home.

Canister Vacuums

Are one of the best vacuums on the market with large, tough dust bags. They are very easy to use, clean-up easily, and store away. The canister vacuum is a great choice especially for people with eczema. They tend to remove dust more efficiently from the house and reduce exposure to eczema in your home to the lowest level. They are easy to empty and use. Nevertheless, make sure you empty your dirt outside the house, and wear a mask and hand glove for proper protection.

Bagged Vacuums

Are more hygienic, with a maximized dirt capacity and a full dust enclosure. Unlike canister vacuum, bagged vacuums have an edge of ease-of-disposure. The bagged vacuum also has a more efficient HEPA filter and an extra bag. Meanwhile, here’s a good rule of thumb. The more frequently you empty your filter bag, the higher you cut-back on exposure to allergies.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Do the cleaning more effectively, thanks to AI (artificial intelligence) programs. They are a sure way to cut-back on the hassles of driving a mechanical cleaner to zero while reaching the otherwise hard-to-reach corners of your home for dust mite, dirt, or mold without leaving any particle behind. Compared to other vacuums, robotic vacuum tends to reduce allergies. Needless to say cashing in on an extra filter bag is important as robotic vacuum spots a low storage end. With that kicked off the way, a robotic vacuum cleaner goes a long way to securing a 100% eczema-free home. The icing on the cake is the spotted dual HEPA filter that is a life-saver, especially to allergy sufferers.

 A few nuggets though. Regardless of your vacuum cleaner of choice, which must be in the HEPA filter category of course, do not forget to reach all the tight corners. In the same light, items such as baseboards, tabletops, and doors should be cleaned twice—that is before and after vacuuming. When done, damp the vacuumed floor with a clean cloth to get rid of whatever dust your cleaner leaves behind. Vacuuming, when done right on a weekly basis is a perfect control over eczema or allergies. Unfortunately, a wrong vacuum unit choice is a curse in disguise.

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For people allergic to environmental agents like pollen and dust mite from your animal pets, vacuum cleaners help reduce the amount of allergens present in our homes (outdoor and indoor) in a safety-wise way. However, cashing in on a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters makes the entire cleaning process safe and efficient.