Top 20 Eczema Blog List – Raising Awareness!

Top 20 Eczema Blog List – Raising Awareness!

What a journey it has been over the last year or so. Starting this website has really changed the way I feel about having eczema.

For one I don’t feel alone in this battle and secondly, I have realized just how widespread eczema is around the world. Approximately 20 Million people in the US and a staggering 15 Million in the UK alone have eczema, WOW That’s insane.

I have also realized how many people and bloggers really care about others and want to help. They have websites, Instagram accounts, and Facebook pages. All with one purpose… to help others.

Many people have invested lots of time and money to help others and they are doing such a great job, just read some of their comments and replies and you can see the difference they’re making.

The whole point of our website was to create somewhere that people can share their experiences good or bad which will help others understand that their issues are not an isolated case and there’s support out there.

Top 20 Eczema blog list 2018

Top 20 eczema blogs

We are proud to say that over the past year we have joined an amazing group of eczema bloggers that have one thing in common ( Apart from eczema ) to raise awareness of eczema which we hope in return will raise funding for eczema research.

A cure is out there and with the right amount of funding which is driven by eczema awareness, we CAN find a cure.

We are proud to have made it on to the TOP 20 ECZEMA BLOG LIST 2018 list. Thanks for all your help and support from sharing your experiences with other and reading our blogs to moderating our Facebook page, you’re making a positive impact on peoples lives. I cannot thank you all enough.

Congratulations to all the bloggers who made it onto the list. Here is the list >>> CLICK HERE

Our eczema community

I have over the past year realized how powerful the internet and social media can be. From one little post like the one I wrote about me going on holiday with eczema, can reach so many people and help them in their own battle with eczema. I literally wrote that short blog whilst waiting for my wife to finish packing the 4 or 5 large suitcases for a short 2-day trip. LOL

This short spur of the moment blog got more comments and likes than any other that I have personally posted. You’ll see from the way I write and my bad Grammar that I’m no professional writer. I tell people this when they say that they’d love to write about their own experiences but are worried about spelling and Grammar. I tell them ” Who cares? just write from the heart.”

We are no way professional writers or Medical experts and add we add a disclaimer to all our posts. We are simply people who suffer from eczema or care for someone who does. We share helpful tips and advice but we are not professional writers by any stretch of the imagination.

So yes, you will find spelling mistakes and yes we use poor Grammer ( Probably loads in this post) Because we are eczema sufferers and not writers. God at school and now my English was terrible and still is, but I don’t care there are no prizes for the best essay on this website.

We have received tons of emails from guest bloggers and messages saying how sharing their experiences have helped themselves and also helped other sufferers with the same issues caused by eczema.

Amazing people who have sent in their own blogs like the few listed below. You cannot imagine how helpful some of their stories have been to others.You are all an inspiration to many including myself. Without you we would not be on the Best eczema blog list 2018.

Eczema blogger

Those are just a few of the amazing people who have shared their story to help others, in doing so they sometimes help themselves simply by talking about their eczema.

What does the future hold for our eczema story?

We need your help!

We need more people to write about their experiences and share their tips and best practices. By sharing your stories and experiences we can reach out to bigger companies and gain their support. Together we can raise awareness and raise even more money which will go towards eczema research.

Organisations like Britishskin Foundation & National Eczema Association are doing an amazing job at raising funding for eczema research and Oureczemastory would like to contribute more to these companies in the hope that a cure will someday be found.

We are not asking for your money! 

We feel by sharing your blogs and experiences with others, that is worth more than money at the moment, Yes, every dollar or Pound would help eczema research but at the moment we feel helping someone who is suffering RIGHT NOW by reaching out and supporting them is so important.

If you would like to contribute you can do this in a number of ways.

  1. Share our website with anyone who is suffering or needs help and support.
  2. Comment and join our Facebook and Instagram page
  3. Guest blogging- Send us your stories and experiences to help others Click Here for Details

Thank you!

Everyone here at OurEczemaStory from my wife, son and myself and all our amazing writers, moderators and contributors we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I’m sure the hundreds of people you have helped would also like to thank you.

Keep up the good work and let’s kick eczemas butt together x

Carl and all the team @Oureczemastory