Eczema Storybooks for Children – Top 10 Buyers Guide

Eczema Storybooks for Children – Top 10 Buyers Guide

All children who suffer from eczema, including my own suffer every day and have to deal with so many issues. Eczema storybooks for children are a good way to help them understand their condition and relax at bedtime. Quality time with Mum or Dad.

I know through our own personal struggle with our son’s eczema that any distraction from itching at bedtime will help them sleep better and reduce stress and anxiety. The quicker they fall asleep the less they will itch.

Best eczema storybooks for children available online and reviewed in our buyer’s guide are:

  • Michael’s Eczema
  • I Have Eczema
  • Emmy’s Eczema ( Dinosaur Friends )
  • Itchy Mitchie
  • Search for a smile in the moon
  • The case of Itch & Rash
  • Itchy Pig
  • My Itchy Body
  • Prince Emily and the terrible itch
  • I have eczema. So what?

Children with eczema have so much to deal with in life and it’s not just their medical condition, they also have to deal with external factors like bullying, school, Doctors appointments and as they get older even relationships issues as well.

As parents, we are always searching for that ultimate cream or lotion that will cure their condition. Often using them as guinea pigs in the quest for a cure. We have tried hundreds of different cream over the past 48 Years in our family, myself and plenty over the past 20 Years on our Children. The oldest is now 20 and he’s still suffering, unfortunately.

We have written Top 10 Creams for babies with eczema – Ultimate guide, it may be worthwhile giving it a read. Hopefully, it will save you time and money searching for a suitable cream for your child.

Thankfully most children grow out of eczema before the age of 5, but some ( Like our children) don’t and you need to have bedtime structure and distraction techniques in place to cope with living with eczema.

Our son struggled mentally with his condition and always asked ‘ Why me?’ since I had eczema from birth he also blamed me for giving him the condition and that affected our relationship.  It’s only now as he is older he understands what Eczema is and that we couldn’t avoid him getting it. He has spells of Depression and we are always on the lookout for signs he needs help.

He also knows that we tried everything to cure his eczema but unfortunately with no success.

Have a good bedtime routine

One of the methods we used to help him understand his condition when he was younger was to read storybooks to him each night before bed. It was part of our calm down bedtime routine.

We cannot stress the importance of having a good bedtime routine and also a good bathing and creaming process. Routine and structure will ease their minds and body before bed and help them get a better nights sleep.

Lack of sleep for both the child and parent can be devastating. No sleep means more scratching which is the number one factor for eczema flare-ups in children and babies.

Eczema Storybooks For Children-Buyers Guide!

These books are listed in order starting with our favorite. This is our personal choice and you may feel that there is a better book that should have been featured in our Top 10 Buyers Guide. If so, we’d love to hear from you so we can review it and see if we think it should enter the top 10.

We will constantly update these buyers guides as we see fit. Your help, feedback and comments are appreciated.

#1 Micheals Eczema

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This is one of the newest and most up to date children’s storybook we found. We would like to thank the author Marcela Alatorre Guzman who sent us some copies to review and give away.

The feedback we received from this book was amazing!

The story has been put together from the authors own experience with their child. After many visits to their dermatologist, they wanted to give something back to help others going through the same issues and came up with the idea of writing a children’s storybook about eczema. Michaels Eczema is the result.

This real-life story which tells the journey of Michael a young child suffering from eczema and dealing with all the issues a child may face when living with eczema.

Doctors visits, school and the constant urge to itch are all addressed in this lovely illustrated book.

My children loved the pictures and started to ask questions after page 1. “He’s got a bandage on his arm like me?”  “He’s itching Dad like I do” 

This is exactly the reaction you want from a children’s storybook about eczema. This will engage them in discussion and address some of those questions they probably had in their minds but just didn’t know how to ask. Buy now from Amazon > Click Here

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#2 Emmy’s Eczema (Dinosaur Friends)

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This fun and simple story help children to understand what it is like to have eczema, and how you can be a better friend to someone who has it by being kind and helpful.

We love the fact that the book is about itching, which in children is the number one issue when it comes to dealing with and managing eczema.

The Author Jack Hughes has a series of books in this theme that covers lots of challenging topics like eczema, deafness, Allergies and many more.

All children love Dinosaurs and Emmy and his friends tell the story beautifully. Lovely illustration and nicely laid out and designed.

Our children loved this book it was only beaten to the number one spot because we thought they could relate more to Michael’s story which covered the whole topic of eczema not just itching. Buy now from Amazon > Click here

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I have Eczema….So what! 

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You can tell this Children’s eczema storybook is aimed towards older children as the content is more grown up and the illustrations are not as childish as the two previous books.

It also looks like it wasn’t written for the US & UK market is it has a different feel to the rest. However, we did like the fact that it’s more grown up and that means there is a book available for all ages. I know my 10-year-old was more interested in reading this book than the Emmy’s Dinosaur book which is aimed at younger children.

It’s all about Maya a 9-year-old girl suffering from eczema. She is itchy all the time and can’t enjoy all the fun games or delicious foods that her friends do. She faces teasing, isolation and A LOT OF questions. But along with her family, she slowly learns how to manage her condition and chooses to be happy in spite of it.

This is a story about Maya’s challenges, her courage and her family’s unshakeable love and determination to support her.

This book is available on Kindle and paperback. Buy now from Amazon >> Click here

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I have eczema

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This book was one of the first eczema children’s storybooks we purchased back in 2015. It tells the story of a little girl called Emma suffering from eczema.

This is a great book to help your children understand what Emma and what they go through each day. It’s like a Day in the life type story.

We found that we could relate to most of the book and started to talk about how we did some of the things Emma in the story bit each day.

Bring your child into Emma’s world and see your little one agrees with Emma as she goes through a lighthearted day coping with eczema.

The book mentions Wet Dressings and treatments which wasn’t found in some of the other books we reviewed. This was very helpful to address possible treatments you may be thinking about trying.

The illustrations are good, not too young so they will be suitable for most ages. Buy on Amazon >> Click Here

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My Itchy Body

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This book covers why your body is itchy. It’s not 100% about eczema alone, it covers other reasons why your body might be itchy.

It for old children above 6 Years of age as the pictures and story is more grown-up than some of the other storybooks in this review.

This book is from an educational series that covers many topics that children may face. They are well written and set out nicely making them easy to read.

You will find this book and the others in their series in many schools and Libraries and are designed and written to be more educational than storytelling.

The illustrations are nice and show day to day images like school, Doctors and playing outside. Again this book focuses on itching in general but also covers Dermatitis in detail.

Published in 2012 it is still relevant today and makes a good bedtime read.

Buy now from Amazon>> Click here

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Search for a smile in the moon

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This book was written by one of the leading suppliers of therapy clothing for children with eczema Soothems.

This is only available on Kindle and is hard to describe what the book is leaning towards. It’s not only a Children’s storybook but it’s also like an informational sheet with details of Soothems products.

We love Soothems product especially their PJ’s so we were happy to add this book into out Top 10

This is what Soothems had to say about there Kindle book: When a delightful story is shared with an engaged listener, the seeds for miraculous outcomes are planted and the results are often transformative. Pairing Soothems® bedtime books with our Soothems® garments encourages children to establish a comforting routine to promote healing behaviors and end-of-day calmness when treating an eczema flare-up, resulting in a more restful night sleep for you and your little one. Less Itch, More Smiles!

We like the illustrations and the store about a young child called Scratch. You can tell the story is aimed at selling their Bedtime garments, but that’s fine. We know how important a good night sleeps is like we mentioned at the beginning of this review.

It’s a pity this book isn’t longer and made into a paperback book. Not everyone has or likes Kindles.

Buy now from Amazon >> Click here

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The Itchy Kids Club

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This book was recommended by one of our readers. We had never heard or seen this book before and we were pleasantly surprised after reading it.

It again is not 100% Devoted to eczema but to all Allergies and Conditions that cause the body to itch. They do talk about Atopic Dermatitis in the book which is good but also many other reasons why your body might itch.

The Itchy Kids Club is a book of silly poems for itchy kids, with lots of fun pictures and useful information. An itchy kid is someone with environmental allergies, food allergies, asthma, or eczema.

This book is not suitable for young children, it’s the sort of book that a 7-10-Year-old would love to take to school and on sleepovers with their friends and read to each other.

The book contains lots of fun poems and illustrations which we loved. My 10-Year-old son loved this book and said in his words ‘ It was sick! ‘  Apparently, that means it’s a good book.

Buy this book from Amazon>> Click here

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Prince Emily and the terrible itch

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This book was written from a Mother’s heart for her child with eczema. Prince Erich goes on a journey to help cure his sister, Princess Emily, of the Terrible Itch! This story contains love, friendship, and a touch of magic.

We were amazed to find out that many of the beautiful illustrations were drawn by an 11-year-old artist. Our children found that amazing!

The only negative thing we had to say is the story is total fantasy type storytelling, which for a bedtime read is fine but it didn’t relate to the day to day struggles our children face.

They found it hard to relate to anything other than the itching part of the story.

For the illustrations alone it’s worth buying and if your child likes fantasy stories then this is the one for them.

Buy now from Amazon>> Click here 

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The case of Itch and Rash

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The Case of Itch and Rash is an adventurous story that explores the skin condition eczema. It is a book that teaches affected children and their peers about the cause and treatment of this condition.

The message this book imparts is that of empowerment, healthy ideas, and tolerance of those whose skin may look just a little different.

This is a real storybook with lovely fun illustrations. Well formatted and well written our 10-Year-old son loved this book. He took it to school and they read it as a class.

We loved all the scientific facts and helpful information and found this book one of the best to educate people about this terrible condition we suffer from.

Buy now from Amazon>> Click Here

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Itchy Mitchie

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Although this book isn’t eczema focused we loved the story and the images and illustrations are so cute we just had to add this to our top 10 list.

The book is about positive thinking and self-healing. We loved the story and thought it was perfect for children between the ages of 4-6.

1st grader Mitchie Miles has a dreadful case of ITCHY FEET! And mysteriously, nothing seems to help! But after playing an epic game of Blinky Ball at school, Mitchie discovers that maybe he had the solution to his problem all along. With beautiful hand-cut paper illustrations and an important moral about the power of positive thinking, this book is sure to make a wonderful addition to your children’s library!

Buy now from Amazon >> Click here

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Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading our revies of eczema storybooks for children. We hope you found it useful and if you did could we ask you to share it with others.

There are many parents out there that need this type of resource to help them cope with eczema in their family.

Thanks again and happy reading!