What is Tea Tree Oil? And Will It Help Your Eczema?

What is Tea Tree Oil? And Will It Help Your Eczema?

If you suffer from eczema, you’ve probably tried a variety of creams and treatments to help relieve your symptoms. These days, however, more and more people are turning away from traditional medicine and turning instead to natural, more holistic remedies – such as essential oils.
Of these essential oils, tea tree oil on eczema is considered by some to be an effective treatment. Known for its regenerative properties that aid in healing broken skin, it is also a powerful antiseptic, making it ideal in reducing swelling and inflammation as well as preventing infection.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of tea tree oil for eczema.

Please note: Tea Tree Oil is considered to be HIGHLY TOXIC when consumed. This is the reason that it is used as a topical solution ONLY. Unlike most other common tea’s which can be consumed and used for drinking – the last thing you want to do is ingest it into your system because it is highly toxic. For example, ingesting tea tree oil can instantly cause hallucinations, drowsiness, weakness, upset stomach and diarrhea. As well as severe rashes (which is the last thing we want as eczema sufferers.)

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What Is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that comes from the leaves of the Australian tea tree Melaleuca alternifolia. It is known for its skin-healing properties and has been used medicinally to aid in the healing of cuts and wounds, soothe burns, and cure infections in the mouth, throat, and nose. Many people also use it as a natural and safe treatment to relieve the symptoms of eczema. The tea tree oil industry began back to the 1920s where there were claims cases of several health benefits having been reported. Over time there has been a wide acceptance of its use and benefits. The adoption of tea tree oil as an ointment began in the Middle East and then The United States, soon spreading globally.

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Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

This plant-based extract is thought to be the most effective essential oil for treating eczema due to its skin-improving properties. Not only is it antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, but it’s also antiviral and anti fungal.

These qualities make it useful in treating a variety of conditions, besides eczema, including:

  • Treating athlete’s foot and fungus
  • Treating Acne
  • Flaky Scalp
  • Curing Dandruff
  • Reducing Bacteria (treating Cough or Bronchial conditions)
  • Removing Bad Body Oder
  • Clearing Warts

Does Tea Tree Oil Work on Eczema?

How do these healing properties relieve the symptoms of eczema flare-ups?

Well, the anti-inflammatory properties alleviate the irritation and redness associated with eczema. As itching is a prime discomfort for those suffering from eczema, the anti-fungal properties thankfully can help reduce itching.
If eczema causes broken skin, blisters, or weeping sores, tea tree oil can also help reduce the chance of an infection developing due to its antiviral properties.
Finally, since those with eczema usually have hypersensitive skin that reacts to allergens or irritants with itching, swelling, or redness, tea tree oil is useful in reducing these allergic reactions.

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Warning! Do not consume!! Use as skin application only!!!

Tea Tree Oil Treatments For Eczema

Tea tree oil can be applied directly onto the skin, added to a bath, or diffused into the air as aromatherapy. 
If it is your first time using an essential oil, note that you should apply only a small, diluted dab to a patch of skin and be aware of any signs of a bad reaction – such as burning, stinging, or redness.
Because tea tree oil is quite strong, it is recommended to dilute it with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, before applying it to your skin. Remember that essential oils should never be digested!
We recommend trying the Conqueror Soothing Eczema Balm. This is a 15-in-1 formula made with 100% natural ingredients include aloe veracalendula oilshea butter, and of course, tea tree leaf oil.
All these ingredients were handpicked for their known soothing abilities. It’s safe for babies as well as adults and works wonders on eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, burns, and stretch marks.

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Have you tried tea tree oil for eczema before? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!


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