Tallow for Eczema – What is It and Can It Help Your Eczema?

Tallow for Eczema – What is It and Can It Help Your Eczema?

Like most people who suffer from Eczema, we are always looking for that Natural product that will help reduce the itching and help manage our condition better.

Tallow seems to tick all the boxes, let’s look at how Tallow for eczema is made and why it can help you, manager, your condition better.

Tallow can be used to treat eczema and has the following benefits:

  • Chemical Free
  • Organic Grass Fed beef tallow
  • None Greasy
  • Safe for pregnant and nursing moms
  • Reduces Itching
  • Softens and Moisturizer your skin
  • Easily Absorbed into your skin
  • Natural & Organic product
  • Contains vitamins only found in tallow

What is Tallow and can it help eczema? Tallow is a hard fatty product made from pure animal fat. Tallow is rendered from grass-fed cattle and sometimes sheep. Tallow contains many fat-soluble vitamins that cannot be obtained from Plant extracts. Tallow contains many vitamins and Palmitoleic acid which the body easily absorbs because it recognizes it as a food source and welcomes it into your body.

Where does Tallow come from and who uses it?

Tallow, unlike many other rendered products, does not need to be refrigerated, however, it needs to be stored in an airtight container.

Tallow has been used for hundreds of years and there’s evidence that tallow was used by ancient Egyptians and Native Americans. The Egyptians used tallow for its healing powers and also as a fuel source for candles and lighting.

The Native Americans use tallow as a food source rich in vitamins and easy to store for long periods of time.

Animal fatty products have fallen out of favor over the past few years in favor of plant extracts, but there are some vital and important Vitamins that can only be found in animal rendered products like tallow.

Have you noticed how your body doesn’t always like plant bases products like Coconut Oils and Aloe Vera? This is because your body sees them as a foreign matter and rejects them. Tallow has a similar match to your own skin’s sebum. In fact the Latin word for ‘ sebum ‘ is tallow.


Don’t get me wrong if you find a plant-based product that works for you, then great keep using it and let us know which one works for you.

The most important part when considering using Tallow on your skin it to make sure the Tallow has been made from Grass Fed Cattle or sheep only. This is vital as you don’t want to absorb any chemicals or toxins the cattle may contain due to being fed genetically modified foods or any other toxins.

By using Grass-fed and naturally raised cattle you can rest assured the Tallow will contain all the goodness you need with no nasty surprises.

How and why does Tallow work for eczema?

Unlike plant extracts, Tallow contains many of the following which can only be found in animal fats. The body easily absorbs Tallow because it recognizes it as a food source and welcomes it into your body.

  • Vitamins A, D, E, K, & B12 – this combination of vitamins are only found naturally in animals grazing on grass in pure sunlight.
  • conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which has anti-cancer properties and it has anti-inflammatory benefits also.
  • Contains Palmitoleic acid which has anti-microbial properties which help fight imbalances in your skin reducing spots and red sore patches.
  • Omega 3 & 6 & 7 & 9
  • Stearic fatty acid which penetrates and lubricates your skin making it feel soft and smooth

Tallows fatty acid structure and profile is a 75-80% match to your skin’s sebum which is the waxy lipid (fat) that lubricates, protects and waterproofs our skin. There are no other natural fatty acids that match our skins DNA like Tallow does.

Most skin care products replace your skin natural oils and moisture and replace it with a temporary oily look and feel. Tallow does exactly the opposite and matches your skins natural profile for a long-lasting treatment. Not a quick fix like the man-made creams and so-called miracle products filled with harmful steroids and chemicals.

What could be better than increasing all the good things your body does to keep your skin moisturized and healthy.  Why would you want to battle your own bodies ability to heal your skin naturally?

We use tallow because it is nature’s original skin care product and works better than any man-made products that began to replace it in the 20th century. No plant-based skincare ingredient or product can remotely compare to tallow in its power to help the skin. This fact is not surprising since we are animals and not plants.

How can you use Tallow to treat eczema?

Tallow is Beef Suet that has been rendered. Animal fat in its unprocessed form could not be used on your skin. Its consistency and would be too hard and your body would simply reject the substance.

Once the beef animal fat has been processed and rendered correctly is can be made into different products suitable for use on eczema and other skin conditions.

Can Soap made from Tallow help your eczema?

The most popular form of Tallow for eczema is by using a bar of Tallow Soap. We all know how difficult it can be to buy soap that doesn’t irritate your condition. Tallow made from 100% Grass Fed cattle is perfect for using all over your body including your face and on sensitive areas.

Tallow Balm

The next best way to use Tallow for eczema is in the form of Tallow Balm. When purchased in this form Tallow has been given the added boost of including Essential oils in the recipe and we know that using essential oils correctly and in the right consistency can really benefit your skin.

By using Tallow Balm, you get many added benefits and you can apply it to a small targeted area for fast and instant relief from itching and inflamed skin.

Is Tallow used in eczema creams?

The other form of Tallow we tried was a Tallow Eczema Cream. Excellent for all skin conditions and especially eczema and psoriasis you can also use it for dry, chapped, calloused, cracked, and sun-damaged skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, and more. Tallow creams help, heal, repair and calms your skin giving it a softer and more moisturized skin.


Conclusion: Tallow for eczema

Okay, we understand if you’re a vegetarian then this product isn’t for you. You probably haven’t even got to the end of this article without clicking off in disgust. However, if you’re open to new suggestion and products that may help you reduce the itching then Tallow is a natural product that is definitely worth checking out.

Another top tip is to try Oatmeal baths, they are 100% Natural and Organic and really work.

We have included some links to suitable products that we have tried ourselves and we found them readily available through Amazon. Links provided.

The fact that tallow has been used for hundreds of years is a testament to its healing powers. We searched the internet before writing this article and couldn’t find a single post or comment that said tallow harmed or worsened their eczema.

If fact from looking at the sales it seems Tallow is coming back into favor and the sale of tallow products especially tallow soap is rocketing on Amazon and online.

Just remember to buy grass-fed and organically raise cattle products. This ensures you get all the natural goodness from your chosen products.

Good luck and please let us know how you get on or indeed if you already use Tallow let us know why you like it.