Living With Eczema – This Is Sad But Funny At The Same Time!

Living With Eczema – This Is Sad But Funny At The Same Time!

We all know that living with eczema is hard, but one thing you’ll need to do is try and see the funny side to Living with eczema or it will beat you down each day.

Here’s a funny example!

My uniform at work like many is Black smart trousers, shirt, and ties. Nothing wrong with that right? Today is the 16th of December and like many big stores around the world ( I work for one of the largest American stores that sells everything, I bet you can guess which one) They play Christmas music all day long all around the store, This includes the toilets!

So, I was going to the toilet and was sat there listening to the lovely Christmas songs when I looked down at my trousers to see what looked like snow? Because me trousers are smart cotton black ones they show every spot of dirt or dust.

What’s that I thought?

I stood up and noticed as I did, a small snowstorm of dry skin came from my upper body. YUCK ! I hear you say, yes it’s not nice I know.

But at the same time, it happened that famous Christmas song ‘ Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens ‘  and we all know the main line ‘ Snow is falling all around us, children playing having fun ‘

All I could think of was the skin falling from inside my shirt, so I started shaking my shirt and making it look like snow falling whilst singing the song out loud to myself. If anyone was in the next cubical next to me they must have thought I’d gone mad.

Snow Globe

Of course, I didn’t tell anyone at work, I just dusted myself down, cleaned all the flakes off my trousers, washed my hands ( OF COURSE ) and went back to work.

Snow Globe

Then to make it even funnier, as I walked down our sessional aisle where all our Christmas decorations are on display a woman was shaking a snow globe watching all the snowfall inside the glass dome. All I could do was laugh, then she turned to me and said ‘ Isn’t is a beautiful thing to watch the snow fall down ‘ Yes I said but some like it more than others. Ha ha ha

Don’t get upset – Living with eczema

We go through many issues day to day living with eczema but you need to see the lighter side of life. Did what just happened to make me upset? No, It happens every day and every time I get dressed so I’m used to it now. There are people out there far worse, and suffering more than me and this is what I tell myself and my son when he’s having a hard time with his eczema.

Don’t get me wrong there are days when it gets me down and eczema wins the battle of mind and body, but it’s not often I let it win anymore.

If I can offer one piece of advice, think of eczema as an army that has invaded your body, you have to battle with it every day. Talk to your self like you’re at war with eczema and try to win the battle each day. Like with every battle you may not win each fight, but you CAN WIN THE WAR !!!

army min

Sorry, if this blog was a little but YUCK in placed and may have put you off your Dinner or Tea but I thought it was nice to share a lighter moment in my battle against eczema.

I hope you win your own personal war on eczema if you feel you would like to share your experiences Living with eczema, then please feel free to visit our GUEST BLOGS WANTED page and get in touch.  Sharing is caring!


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