Eczema Clothing for Children – Stop Scratching!

Eczema Clothing for Children – Stop Scratching!

Damage to your skin caused by scratching is the Number one enemy for anyone who suffers from eczema. The damage caused by scratching can lead to complications like infections and flare-ups, so avoiding this is paramount especially in young children. Finding Eczema clothing for children that will stop them from scratching is amazing. It will help them sleep and reduce their eczema fast.

Children cannot resist the urge to itch and scratch especially at night. Watching them itch and scratch to the point where they start bleeding is heartbreaking and soul destroying.

How many of you with young children have tried Scratch mitts and even taped socks or bandages over your children’s hands when they’re asleep to try to prevent scratching. Only to wake the next morning to find they have managed to wriggle out of them and scratched so much that they have bleed all over the bedding?

5 minutes of scratching can cause weeks of damage to repair. All that hard work you’ve been doing to moisturize and look after their skin, gone in 5 minutes of itching. Arrrghhh!!

Which areas itch the most?

Most commonly the areas that are affected are the Feet, behind the knees, neck and elbow joints. This is because these areas sweat more at night and therefore itch more.

Younger children will itch and wriggle all night to try to relieve the itching and this also causes issues. They will wriggle out of any bandages and wet wraps you have applied. They seem to be masters of escapology and who give Houdini a run for his money.

Sleep deprivation is also another issue that is often overlooked. Think about when you’ve been tired before and how it makes you feel itchy. You have no energy to fight infections and the urge to itch is increased.  This exaggerates their eczema and is then a downward spiral.

We recently published a blog on this topic,  Eczema sleep deprivation

What can you do to help?

Thankfully there’s suitable eczema clothing designed for just an issue. Eczema clothing that has been designed so that children cannot wriggle out of them whilst sleeping.

After years of experience dealing with children with eczema, I know how good it is to find a product that can help your child sleep and stop scratching. Waking up and going into their bedroom and seeing the clothing still in place is such a relief.

Knowing that your child has had a full nights sleep is amazing, you will see the difference in your child the next day after a full itch free nights sleep. You’ll also get a well deserved full nights sleep.

There’s a full range of eczema clothing available, everything from scratch sleeves to full PJ suits are available online.

eczema scratch sleeves

Where to buy eczema clothing

We have found a few places that specialize in eczema clothing and we have included some links below to save you time searching.

We have no connection with these companies but we are happy to share their links as they provide amazing products that we know will help Children with eczema.

Some other clothing products that will also help are available on AMAZON and again we have included some link to make it easier for you to find them.

One of our favorite products is this full Children’s PJ suit available from

eczema pj suits

We also love scratch sleeve that you dress your child in at night to prevent them from scratching their arms and behind the elbow joints which is one of the most common places for children to itch.
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00OWHKLNI&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=oureczemastor 20ir?t=oureczemastor 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B00OWHKLNI The scratch sleeve above is one we found forsale on Amazon Click here for details.

Here are the best places to buy eczema clothing


Amazon- Children’s eczema clothes

The Eczema Company

Everything for eczema

Eczema clothing store

Bamboo Clothing store – Adults eczema clothing

Soothems – Eczema clothing

What else can you do to reduce itching?

The key to preventing itching at night especially in young children is to have a consistent bedtime routine.

There’re many things you can do to help aid a good nights sleep. Read our blog on Humidifiers a great way to control their bedroom environment.

Here is some pointer to think about.

  • Bathing – Don’t bath your child in very warm water. Lukewarm water will reduce inflammation. After bathing pat their skin dry and moisturize whilst still wet.
  • Room Temperature – Control their bedroom by using a humidifier or purifier. This will prevent their bedroom from being to warm and it will help control moisture in the air and these machines can also prevent allergy reactions.
  • Suitable clothing – Wear anti-itch clothing and don’t overdress your child. Being too warm will make them itch and scratch more.
  • Food before bed – Don’t feed your child sugary foods or cereal before bed, the sugar will keep them awake longer.
  • Distraction – Reading to your child is a great way to distract them from itching. Distraction techniques are a good way prevent itching through the day and night.
  • Moisturize – Moisturizing is the number one way to prevent itching. It serves two purposes, firstly it keeps the skin moist and secondly it forms a barrier fro itching and other irritants. Here’s a good moisturizer for children available on AMAZON.

Final thoughts

No matter what you try to help your child, the main point is that there are things you can get to help your child sleep and stop itching at night.

We spent years taping socks onto our son’s hand to stop him itching and we wish we had found some of the companies above sooner. It would have saved us hours of nighttime dressing and morning-after cleanups.

We hope this blog has helped you find some suitable eczema clothing, we thought it may save you time and money to list the places you can buy these items from. It will save you time and money and we know both are in short supply these days.

Good luck and have an itch free night!