Eczema Has Affected My Mental State Of Mind-by Sarah Drury

Eczema Has Affected My Mental State Of Mind-by Sarah Drury

Hi my name is Sarah Drury

I’m 41 years of age and I’ve suffered this horrible condition all of my life. I also suffer from asthma, hay fever and headaches, which are all related.
I have tried absolutely everything to try and find some relief.
As a child, I would scratch so bad my parents would tie my hands to my bed at night which made me extremely upset. The only real relief is to scratch but as we know scratching is followed by pain.
We were living in Wagga Wagga, which is in Australia between the age of 2 and 10. Within a short period of time eczema has affected my mental state of mind, even from a young age.

The stress of losing my father

My father passed away when I was 8 years old. The stress of losing my dad made my eczema flare up. Stress is a very big part of flare-ups in my life.
At 10 we moved to the blue mountains where my mother had the support of family.
The older I was getting the more I became sensitive too. I was becoming allergic to life.
I had seen many doctors, dermatologist, immunologist, iridologist, acupuncture.
My family spent so much money on finding something that would work.
1 dermatologist when I was 12 had me wrapped in plastic with diprasone cream under it. It did help for a short time but like everything else, I became immune to it and I had to look for something else.

Every Christmas I’d get an eczema infection!

Every December I’d end up with a skin infection and end up in hospital on a large course of steroids. The smell of my skin was horrible.
Going to school was a nightmare. The bullying was endless. I looked like  I had been burnt from head to toe. I cover my skin so that no one could see it but you could still see my neck and face.
When people talk to you they don’t look at your eyes, they look at eczema. It’s very intimidating. I’d cry and be so upset, another trigger.
My clothing would stick to my skin and would rip off when getting undressed. I absolutely hated the shower or bath… ouch …. the pain was horrific. The only way I can explain it to people is it’s like grazing your skin and then wetting it. Very painful.

My diet was dull

My diet consisted of rice, veggies, and water because everything would aggravate my skin.
At 17 my mum came across some soap from a dairy co-op that she was told would help. It was called udder soap. The dairy farmers used it on the cracked nipples of the cows. To my amazement, it actually worked. It didn’t clear it up completely but I did have relief. But, like everything else it was short lived.I was 14 and my food intolerances became more server.
I was making waffles one day for my mother and when I cracked the eggs open my throat began to close and I’d get blisters on my lips, my eyes would itch like mad and non-stop vomiting. No issues with eggs previously. Now I’m anaphylactic with them.

I got married at 18-Eczema wasn’t stopping me finding love!

I married a man when I was 18, who could see past my condition and I became pregnant with our first child. Major eczema during pregnancy but once I’d given birth my eczema disappeared.
By age 22 I had 3 children and my marriage fell apart due to domestic abuse.
26 I remarried had a son and separated from my husband by 29.

I got married at 18-Eczema wasn't stopping me finding love!

At 30 my husband and I gave our marriage a second try. I fell pregnant straight away. He didn’t want another child and I wasn’t willing to have an abortion so he became violently aggressive so I had to leave for the safety of my children including my unborn child.
At 30 I gave birth to my son.
My eczema returned whenever I was under stress and when my body was hot which was a lot of the time.
The only thing that worked was prednisone so my weight gain was high but it was the lesser of two evils.

Eczema tests – Revealed I’m allergic to nearly everything!

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I started seeing an immunologist to determine what I was allergic to. The issue with allergies is that they can change over the course of a life.
This test showed server allergy to Eggs, all Dairy products, animal fur/ hair, dust mites, grass, cockroaches, corn, and soy.
By age 31 I was anaphylactic to all dairy as well as eggs. I can’t have soy milk, goats milk, rice milk, almond milk. The only one I could tolerate is oat milk.
That reminds me of the oats in a sock I used to put in my bath water.

Welcome to you


 So what does the future hold?

Well, Over the past 10 years, I still have eczema, asthma and sinus issues drive me crazy.
My eczema brakes out chronic around my minstrel cycle. I can’t go out in the heat because as soon as I overheat I feel like gouging my skin off. My life consists of a lot of time spent indoors in the cool.
I am currently seeing another immunologist who has diagnosed me with celiac disease now also. So much so that I’ve been diagnosed with Post-traumatic stress disorder.
To those suffering from this disease, I offer you this advice. Do whatever works for you. Stay strong and know that you aren’t in this alone.

Kind Regards

Our Eczema Story would like to thank Sarah, for being amazingly brave and sharing her experiences dealing with eczema. We hope by sharing your story you will feel better and we hope others will realize their not alone in this battle we face against Eczema.

Sharing is caring! This is what we believe in and tell everyone suffering from eczema.