Waking Up With Eczema Everyday

Waking Up With Eczema Everyday

What’s the first thought you have when you wake up on a morning?

How’s the weather?  What’s work going to be like today?  Well, for me waking up with eczema everyday, my first thought is ‘ How bad is my eczema?

If I’ve been kept up all night scratching or in pain with my eczema, then I know my eczema will be bad for the whole day. Otherwise, my first thought when I wake up, is always ‘how bad is my eczema today’. Will I need to cream more today or is it looking okay and I can have an easy day caring for my skin? The condition of my eczema when I first wake up will affect everything that day, from the clothes I wear to how good or bad my day will be.

The condition of my eczema when I first wake up will affect everything that day, from the clothes I wear to how good or bad my day will be.

Eczema will affect every part of your day and It’s hard not to let it interfere with how you plan your day, but it will. For me, it’s things like having to take gloves to work which will help stop my hands bleeding and splitting when no one else wears then so that’s embarrassing.

Will I need to take a tub of cream with me, do I need to wear long sleeves shirts to cover my bleeding arms and flaky skin? Even the color of the clothes I wear will be affected. I can’t wear black like everyone else because my skin flakes all over the shoulders and people will see. I work in the food industry, so I have to think about that as well. Eczema just totally dominates your life, every aspect of it is affected.

Don’t let eczema control your life.

Over 5 Million people in the US alone are waking up with eczema every day. I suffer from eczema and so too does my son, We both have had to adjust our lives to work around eczema but we don’t let eczema control our lives. You have to adjust certain things, well almost everything but that’s okay.

We can still do everything everyone else can, we just have to adjust to our own conditions. For many years I tried to cover my eczema up, It’s embarrassing, let’s face it. It’s not a nice thing to have and see, but later in life, you realize you have to be open about your condition and let people know you need to adjust to the certain tasks due to your condition.

Most people I open up to are fine with it, they appreciate you being honest and opening up to them. Telling people about your eczema once, even if it’s a tough conversation, is better than trying to make excuses every day. That can go on for years and is tiring, so why not tell them now and avoid all that. Easier said than done, I know that.

Just read my previous blog below Growing up with eczema.

If I can give you one piece of advice, it’s open up to people you’re close to or see on a daily  IE: Work, School, Gym ETC.

Eczema is hard work and half of the work is looking after the physical symptoms like creaming and bathing, the other half is taking care of the mental aspect of eczema. So try cut down on the mental pressure, by opening up to people around you who will help you or at least reduce some of the hiding and have to explain about all the changes and strange routines you do.

After a long testing day.

At the end of the evening and your daily journey with eczema, unfortunately, the routine doesn’t stop. You switch to night mode, a constant time-consuming ritual of bathing and creaming, and for some of us bandaging and bleach baths.

The simple fact is, eczema is hard but you’re not alone. Millions of people worldwide will be going through that same routine day in day out. My mum always told me ‘ There’s always someone worse off than you’ and she was right.

I thought my eczema was bad until I had my son and witness what he went through. I have also watched documentaries on TV and seen some children a lot worse than my son. The fact that there are children out there suffering from eczema is the reason for me writing this article and more importantly creating our website to help others.

I hope in some way these blogs from myself and other parents and in some cases children who suffer from eczema, will help someone, somewhere suffering and thinking their alone in this battle.

Here’s a blog from a Mother caring for her son. A MOTHERS STORY.

Were all here to offer help and support. I will never offer advice on products as I’m not a doctor and I also believe everyone is different. What works for one person may not work for others. We do however recommend products that other people have used and seen positive results, but you MUST seek professional advice before using any new products.

Sleep at last!

That’s it, you’re ready for bed, it’s been a long day. So what will the night hold for you? A peaceful, uninterrupted nights sleep? I very much doubt it, itchy scratchy time for most of us. The temperature will play a big part in your night’s sleep, control the bodies temperature to avoid scratching. We all know where that leads to!

Sleep at last

You may think that the temperature is okay, but remember eczema sufferers feel the heat differently to others. It’s so important to know the correct temperature of the room, So use a digital thermometer so you’re not guessing. We purchased ours very cheaply from Amazon UK £13.99 

Fingers crossed if you’ve gone through your normal bathing and creaming routine and controlled your bodies temperature, you should have a better nights sleep. Sleep is so important for the healing process for eczema.

Waking up with eczema every day is a way of life for us who suffer. You just have to get up, get on with life and don’t let eczema pull you down. You can and will rise above it and lead a normal life.

It will just be an eczema life and that’s normal for us. X

Please feel free to contact us and share your experiences with eczema. SHARING IS CARING!