Afraid to Go to the Barbers or Hairdressers With Eczema?

Afraid to Go to the Barbers or Hairdressers With Eczema?

The title of this post ‘Afraid to go to the Barbers or Hairdressers with eczema?‘ is what I was like for many years.

Are you afraid to go to the barbers like I was?

I can still remember the day I started to be afraid of going to the barber due to my eczema 37 years later.

I went to my local barber at the weekend where all my school friend went, I was about 10 or 11.

It was a very small barbers, and when I say small I mean it. You could fit about 10 people in this little men’s barbers shop. It was right next to our school and on my walk home.

They always had sports on a radio in the corner and we all sat there like old men waiting for our turn to sit in the one chair he had.

No fancy large salons for us, it was cheap and no frills type of haircutting.

After some time it was finally my turn. I got up and walk to the seat and he put the blanket around my neck and started to cut my hair.

I noticed in the mirror, sat behind me also waiting for their hair cutting was 4-5 of what I would call TOP BOYS in our school.

You know the ones, the ones everyone wanted to be like. They had everything, the looks, the girls, and the fancy clothes. Looking back now I wasn’t really bothered about all that. I just wanted skin that looked normal so I didn’t have to hide away from things like sports day or swimming.

Get on with it, What happened?

Anyway, there I was having my haircut when the barber suddenly stopped!

What’s wrong I asked?

He said at the top of his voice… ‘ You have terrible dandruff, I can’t cut your hair’

‘What? I replied. What do you mean you can’t cut my hair? You’ve started!

At that point, all the TOP BOYS started to laugh at me. I can remember looking in the mirror, looking back at them all laughing at me. I will never forget the look in their faces.

What did I do?

I simply run out of the barber’s shop with half my hair cut and went home to my mum. Obviously, she comforted me until I stopped crying ( About an hour ) then she told me to stay at home and she would be back soon.

She was gone for nearly 2 hours, at that time we didn’t have a car, and I later found out she had got on a bus and traveled for over 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back to the nearest town to buy an electric hair shaver for me.

She came home and said this is the answer, you’ll never have to go to barbers ever again.

I can’t remember the first one she ever bought me but I’m currently using the Babyliss men’s shaver and it’s great, but the best one I ever had was the Philips Norelco ALL IN ONE shaver and it was cheap.

They are easy to use and it takes me minutes to cut my hair.

Yes, it’s not the fanciest haircut in the world but to be honest, shaving my hair with a number 2 shortcut helps my skin breath and lets the sun get to my scalp which really helps my eczema.

I need to be careful in the sun but I now have fewer flakes of eczema on my head because I shave it short once a month.

eczema and barbers

As you can see, 37 years later I have less hair to cut! HA HA

And do you know what? I never have 37 years later. I have never been to a barber since that horrible day. As you can see from the most recent haircut above I have much less hair and yes some grey hairs in there too.

On the plus side, I have added up that I have saved over $3000 in barbers fees over the last 37 years.

So, HA HA… the last laugh is on you TOP BOYS.! lol

Final Thoughts

Being Afraid to go to the Barbers or Hairdressers with eczema is just one of the issues people have to face when dealing with eczema. If you’re reading this because your son or daughter suffers then you need to understand the little things in life can be a challenge for us. 

You may think it’s a treat to go to the hairdressers or salon, but for us, it can be a nightmare and one of our biggest fears. Just like swimming can be when you have bad visible eczema.!

Did you know the fear of getting your haircut is called Tonsurephobia!

This was a spur of the moment post, shortly after I cut my hair and I don’t know why but all the old memories came flooding back to me so I thought I’d share them with you.

It’s not the most helpful post I have ever written and I don’t want everyone to go out and shave your hair.

I just thought if you’re scared to go to the barbers because of your eczema, you’re not alone. I bet many people out there suffering from eczema are feeling the same way.

Now that I’m older and thicker skinned I could go to the barbers, but I choose not too. I’m fine with the way I look and have come to terms with lots of issues that eczema raises.

Having less hair, and grey hair is the least of my eczema worried these days.

Lifes too short, just like my hair!!!


Editor @ OurEczemaStory