Halloween & Eczema – Top Tips To Enjoy Halloween

Halloween & Eczema – Top Tips To Enjoy Halloween

Every child should be able to enjoy not just Halloween but every special event and celebration without fear that they will be in pain or suffer. With these top tips to enjoy Halloween, it hopefully ensures your night runs smoother. Why should they miss out just because they have eczema? In this article, Top tips to enjoy Halloween if you suffer from eczema we give you some practical advice so you don’t miss out on all the fun.

We have put together a quick list of some top tips to enjoy Halloween, some simple practices to help your child enjoy this wonderful night. These top tips to enjoy Halloween if you suffer from eczema are not rocket science, they’re just simple facts you might overlook in your busy life trying to care for someone with eczema.

    • Be careful when selecting a Halloween costume, choose one that’s loose fitting and/or made with breathable fabrics.
    • Avoid masks or hoods that cover their face, many costumes don’t need a mask or hood to look good.
    • No face paint! This is one of the main problems with Halloween and eczema, you just never know how their skin will react. If you have to paint their face, use natural makeup instead and try painting small areas of the face like freckles or scares. Don’t paint their whole face. Leave open areas, so the skin can breathe. If you spot any changes in the skin’s appearance through the evening, wipe it off immediately. Signs of an allergic reaction include redness, itching, worsening eczema or blistering of the skin. We found some natural face painting recipes on Youtube that you could try, which contain no artificial ingredients or chemicals.

  • Sweets! Tell the children to collect all the lovely sweets and treats, and share them out when they get home where you can control the sugar intake. Some refined sugar can cause inflammation of the skin.
  • Try to buy or make lightweight costumes, so they don’t overheat and start to sweat. This will just make them itch and scratch, and we know where that leads to!
  • If you’re going out with your child Trick and Treating, take plenty of water and a small tube of the prescribed cream and apply if needed to hands, face, and neck.
  • If you’re an adult going out to a Halloween party, watch your alcohol consumption and avoid smoke as both will lead to eczema flare-ups.

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  • Tiredness and stress can cause eczema flare-ups, so plan to allow for a sleep in the next day and let the body recover fully.
  • If your costume is made from an Itchy material, wear cotton clothing underneath to keep the skin away from the itchy material.
  • Gloves. If your costume requires gloves, make sure you cream your hands well before going out. Also, take a tube of cream with you and apply regularly. If possible, use cotton eczema gloves and you can help your eczema at the same time as having fun. Most gloves come if Black or White. We found some on Amazon that have great reviews and is inexpensive.
  • Be creative with your costume, It really doesn’t need to be a heavy, Itchy costume to be a fun Halloween outfit. Here’s a great example we found that would be eczema friendly.

Kid during halloween

  • If your son or daughter is too poorly to go out Trick or Treating, make it fun for them at home. Play spooky games, make special cakes and buns with them, using ingredients that won’t react with their eczema. Far too often children and adults with eczema miss out on special occasions. Foods can affect eczema in many different ways. We have just published an article on this too called Foods that affect eczema
  • Use electric lights or torches inside pumpkins and in the home, don’t use candles as the smoke could affect their eczema.
  • After the party is finished or you return home from Trick or Treating, follow your normal skincare routine. Bath and cream, all the normal stuff.

And finally,  enjoy your evening or event. Don’t miss out. Don’t let eczema spoil your fun! If you let eczema rule your life it can lead to more issues further down the road, like stress and depression. We’ve just covered this topic in another article ECZEMA AND DEPRESSION-How to cope ‘

You should always try and manage your eczema, not let eczema manage you!


Happy Halloween

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