Eczema – Where do I start? Guest blog by Michelle Hinsley

Eczema – Where do I start? Guest blog by Michelle Hinsley

Oh,my goodness, Eczema – Where do I start?

My little girl was born with dry skin ( not surprising as I’ve had eczema since a child and my husband has a skin condition but not eczema ). At first, it was manageable with zerobase but as she turned 2 that’s when it really flared up and that’s then when we got referred to a dermatologist which we see 2/3 times a year

The dermatologist has prescribed an antihistamine cetirizine every day to reduce itching for her eyes and face, along with Protopic 0.03 % also Protopic 0.1% for her body to relieve the stinging and itching from the Protopic Dermacool. The Protopic has to be used at the weekends to keep eczema at bay and for a flare up for 14 days and then back to weekends.
She also has Oilatum for the bath and double-base gel and Dermol. We also have Viscopaste bandages for flare-ups too.
On occasions, if the flare-up is bad the GP has prescribed antibiotics.

It’s heartbreaking hearing her say mummy make my itching stop!

There’s nothing worse than hearing your daughter ask you to stop the itching, You feel totally helpless. It’s heartbreaking, But you have to be strong for them even though you’re breaking inside. When another child asks what is that on your hands or when my little girl says can I have long sleeves on so no one sees my eczema, it’s very difficult to deal with.
The emotional side of things are very difficult to deal with regarding her Eczema. We talk about how her skin is making her feel and chat that we need to use the creams etc to make it feel better and it really upsets me to see her get upset because her skin is upsetting her. I am lucky because her school is fantastic at supporting and helping with the management of her skin and constantly talk to her about how she’s  feeling about it. I like to talk to friends and family about how it makes us feel as they are great support which makes my little lady feel better about it as she is conscious that everyone can see it
My little girl is very unsettled in her sleep and no matter how we cover her up finds a way to scratch herself in the night and then gets upset because her skin is bleeding.  You wouldn’t think eczema has such an effect on sleep, she now has an inhaler to help with her cough and the GP is keeping an eye on it as there is the link between eczema and asthma I don’t know if anyone else has come across it?

To help with her sleeping we have Comifast garments which we put Hydromol underneath in a flare up she has Viscopaste bandages as well as a fan in her room in summer and turning the heating down in winter. We’ve also bought cotton duvet sets and cotton sheets.
 Eczema effect on Skin

Day to Day Life With Eczema

Now she’s 5 she is starting to be more excepting of it and as a health visitor once told me eczema can be a very lonely place. I’m so proud of how my little girl deals so well with it there are days when she’s fed up with having cream on that makes her skin stings but she knows that it will help to make her eczema better.
We found a fantastic book called Emmy’s eczema which she took into school and because it’s a small school each class had been read her book and if her friends see her scratch will say to her don’t scratch you will hurt your skin!.
Her skin is improving although it will flare up really quickly and we have a good eczema plan in place at school which is regularly updated and regular meetings with her teacher. Also, another good thing we have is ski gloves to protect her hands when playing outside as they are waterproof and windproof.
 Day to Day Life With Eczema

Looking ahead with hope and a plan

Moving forward we continue to have good communication with her teacher and school to make sure all the needs of her eczema are catered for. We read books about eczema especially Emmy’s eczema ( Available on Amazon ) and always talk about how she is feeling about her skin ie if it’s sore and itchy and making her feel sad then we use the creams we need to make it feel better which she then always feel happier about.
I hope my experience dealing with my daughter’s eczema help you in some way. I have found just writing this blog has helped me in some way. Maybe be sharing my experiences it will help someone in some way with their own situation. You’re not alone in this battle against eczema and talking or writing about it can really help.
I wish you all the best with your struggle and hope you beat this horrible condition.
Kind regards Michelle Hinsley x
PS: I also forgot to mention that an allergy blood test revealed that she is allergic to timothy grass pollen.