Eczema – Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself!

Eczema – Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself!

Just the other day I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. We all have days like this when you’re suffering from eczema and feel very low. I have these days every now and then and my son had plenty of them when his eczema was at its worst.

One method of keeping his spirits up when he was younger was to keep telling him we loved him. That’s no1! and secondly telling him he’s not alone in the battle against eczema. Because I also suffered like him when I was younger I could share my experiences with him and show him my eczema did actually get better the older I got. It didn’t completely go away or cure but it was much better and I used myself as an example so he had something positive to look forward to, the fact that it will get better as he got older ( hopefully)

I wasn’t lying either his skin has got much better but it took 19 years to improve, it’s still not great but it is manageable now whereas 19 years ago eczema was in charge of our lives.

There’s always someone worse than you!

The reason I’m writing this quick blog Eczema- Stop feeling sorry for yourself is because the day when I was feeling a bit low and my eczema was flaring-up I was sat at home looking at our Instagram page, which you can follow by clicking the link OUR ECZEMA STORY1.

I was reading so many comments and answering questions about eczema in general about my eczema and how my sons condition is,  when I noticed a page from a lady in her mid 50’s ( I won’t share her page as it’s set at private) But I’m sure if you search ECZEMA in the search bar you’ll find her story and you can ask to join her group.

This poor lady is going through the worst Topical steroid withdrawal I have ever seen. I recently wrote a blog about ECZEMA IN OLD AGE ( click the link to read this article) where I shared my concern about having bad eczema in my old age and how it worried me. I want to be able to enjoy my retirement and not be fighting eczema until the day I die.

Eczema in old age

I was telling myself the same things I told my son

After reading this poor ladies story I found myself going back to the old days where I would use other peoples condition and stories to help our own situation. I know it isn’t nice to think some people are suffering more than you, believe me if we could help anyone we would. That’s the whole reason we set up this website, but you use whatever tactics you have to fight your own battles RIGHT? I’m sure the whole reason these wonderful people share their story on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK is to help others. So in a way, we’re doing what they want us to do and for that we thank them!

I was saying to myself:  “Look at these poor people they are much worse than you, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and crack on” 

It didn’t take me long to snap out of my low spell and stop feeling sorry for myself. My eczema compared to many people around the world is nothing, and it’s not just eczema these poor people are suffering from Many are suffering from other illnesses and horrible debilitating conditions as well. 

So next time you feel sorry for yourself

So the next time your feeling down, use social media in the way it was intended, TO HELP PEOPLE!

Join social media groups, we have 4 in total all the links are below. Please feel free to join them and chat to people suffering similar issues to yourself. You’re not alone in this battle against eczema.

After I found this ladies photos on Instagram I reached out to her and we are now in communication. So not only did she help me get over my bad day but I’ve also met a new friend.

I stepped up my game!

After hearing what sort of daily routine this amazing lady has to go through each day, my simple routine listed below seemed like nothing compared to hers, so I will never moan again about looking after my eczema.

After all, we can manage the condition to a certain degree and If we’re all honest we do sometimes let eczema win but not following either your Doctors instructions or by not doing the things we know will help us. Mainly because they’re a pain to do and time-consuming.

Here’s my daily routine and the products I use, all available on AMAZON if you’re interested in trying any.

  • COCONUT OIL: Mainly on my feet, I find it works great on my feet but not so good anywhere else

Viva Coconut Oilir?t=oureczemastor 20&l=li2&o=1&a=B00DS842HS

  • DIPROBASE: This is my main moisturizer, I use TONS of the stuff. 3 times a day. Full body cream

Diprobaseir?t=oureczemastor 20&l=li2&o=1&a=B01HNCTMM4

  • FOREVER LIVING ALOE DEODORANT: This is not the manliest deodorant ever made but I don’t care it’s the only one that doesn’t make me itch under my armpits all day.

Aloeir?t=oureczemastor 20&l=li2&o=1&a=B00D36WSOE

We hope that you find some comfort in this article and remember, WHENEVER YOUR FEELING DOWN REMEMBER SOMEONE IS GOING THROUGH MUCH WORSE THAN YOU.

So pick yourself up and carry on!

Good luck, Reach out to us if you need help and support.

Carl & Lindsey

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