What Are the Best Soaps and Body Wash for Eczema? Discover Our 22 Favorites!

What Are the Best Soaps and Body Wash for Eczema? Discover Our 22 Favorites!

Best Soaps for Eczema

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Discover Our 22 favorites Soaps and Body Wash For Eczema Skin

For most ordinary people washing their face or taking a shower requires no thought at all. But for those suffering from skin conditions such as eczema, applying just about anything to the skin can highly risky.

What To Look For In a Soap For Eczema

Look For NEA’s Seal of Acceptance™ The National Eczema Association has a Seal of Acceptance™ program

pH Balanced Formulas – Avoid Alkaline soaps

best soap for eczema

Eczema is an extremely frustrating condition to deal with. It is primarily characterized by instances where sections of the skin become rough, cracked, itchy, severely chaffed along with redness and other general inflammation.

In the most extreme scenarios, blisters may occur. Because of the nature of the condition, individuals are always on the lookout for products that can help them manage their suffering. The right soap, wash or scrub can be invaluable in reducing the irritation that comes with eczema.

What To Avoid In A Soap for Eczema


Harsh Cleansers

Best Body Washes for Adults

Best Body Wash & Soaps for Adults with dry skin & eczema

Dove DermaSeries

This fragrance-free option can be one of the best products for those who want an end to their eczema symptoms. It is perfect for those who have sensitive skin, and it has been tested clinically to clean without dryness. It uses lipids to lock in moisture, leaving the skin silky smooth. It also has the seal of acceptance from the National Eczema Association, or the NEA.

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Organic African Black Soap

This option is available in both bar and liquid form, making it an excellent choice for those who want some variety in their soap options. It contains palm kernel, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and plantain ash skins. Not only does its formula help reduce the severity of eczema, but it also helps nourish the skin as a whole, improving overall appearance and health.

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Kiss My Face Shower Gel

This is an excellent choice for individuals who want a fragrance-free option to cleanse the skin. Not only does it help reduce the severity of eczema, but it also helps manage other skin conditions. Individuals can look forward to a deep cleanse through the olive oil, aloe and Vitamin E formula, designed to optimize skin health without any further unwanted side effects.

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Aveeno Active Naturals

This soap can be one of the most desirable options for those who want a regular product that can help manage sensitive skin. It does not contain any dyes, fragrances or harsh soap components that may cause flare-ups. The kernel oil and oat flour combination help soothe itchy and dry skin, and it is just mild enough to be used for everyday cleaning.

best eczema soap - oureczemastory.com
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CeraVe Eczema Soothing Body Wash

This product is designed specifically for treating eczema. It showcases a powerful combination of ingredients that can help individuals find relief from their symptoms. Omega oils help soothe dry skin, and ceramides ensure that the body stays protected for the long-term.

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Best Body Washes for Babies

TruBaby Eczema Soothing Body Wash

This is one of the most soothing soap options for babies available. It has been stamped with the seal of acceptance by the NEA. It can help soothe redness, cracking and itching, and it is gentle enough for both babies and adults. It has been allergy-tested, making it an excellent choice for sensitive individuals.

best eczema soap - our eczema story
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Nature’s Baby Organics

Because babies are more likely to have eczema than adults, many soap options are designed with their sensitivity in mind. The sweet pineapple and coconut scent makes it a favorite for its users, and it contains a broad variety of ingredients designed to alleviate eczema symptoms, such as oat, aloe, and chamomile.

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Puracy Natural Body Wash

This natural soap is perfect for children. Not only is the carefully calibrated combination of ingredients ideal for adults and babies, but it can also be a good option for your pets. It lacks all types of common irritants and contains grapefruit oil and coco glycinate to keep the skin soft and healthy. It foams up nicely without any of the harmful effects of sulfates.

best eczema body wash - oureczemastory.com

Cetaphil Pro Restoraderm

This gentle body wash is meant for both adult and baby use. It is a good option for treating psoriasis and eczema because it does not contain any ingredients that strip away the body’s natural oil defenses. The gentle elements make it a good option for regular use.

cetaphil for eczema - our eczema story
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Cetaphil Baby Eczema Wash

This can be a particularly advantageous option because of its specialized ingredients. It meant to be used for babies as little as three months old. It is a hypoallergenic product that can be used as regularly as necessary to relieve symptoms.

cetaphil for eczema - our eczema story
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Key Takeaway

Like with any such conditions, looking through the appropriate products can provide individuals with the advantage they need to start managing their skin better. Plan according to the soap that you need and always be on the lookout for allergens. Different soap options may have different effects on skin types as well, so take the time to explore until you find the best soap that works for your needs.

Other Favorites


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Goat Milk Soap for Eczema

Goat Milk Soap for Eczema

Goat Milk Soap for Eczema



Are you or a loved one struggling with eczema? If so, here’s the good news: goat milk soap can help with rapid relief from eczema symptoms. 

Goat milk is an excellent ingredient for a number of things, including making delicious desserts such as cheesecakes and ice cream. Yet, it is also an excellent ingredient for a rich, creamy soap with several health skin benefits, including relieving eczema symptoms. 

This article will take you through the skin benefits of goat milk soap, and this natural cleaning product can help you with your skin condition. But first, let’s understand precisely what eczema is.


Goat milk soap for Eczema - OurEczemaStory.com


Eczema Explained 

Are patches of your skin itchy and turn red from time to time? If so, you might have eczema. 

Eczema is a prevalent skin condition among kids, especially infants and babies. However, adults can struggle with this skin condition as well. Data shows that nearly 31.6 % of people in the US struggle with different stages and types of skin issues. 

Here are some fast facts about eczema:

  • It’s not a contagious skin disease.
  • The most common symptoms are scaly, itchy patches of skin.
  • There’s no full cure for eczema, but its symptoms can be managed.
  • Certain foods (nuts, dairy products, wheat) and environmental factors (pollen, smoke, microbes, allergens ) can trigger the symptoms. 
  • Some people outgrow the disease, but for others, it remains a lifelong condition
  • Stress is not a cause of eczema but can worsen its symptoms.

Now, one of the best ways to support skin health and alleviate this skin condition’s symptoms is moisturizing every day. And, that’s precisely why goat milk soap can help manage eczema. 

Goat Milk Soap Skin Benefits 

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Yes, you’ve got that right! Your skin is an organ. Thus, if you want it to stay healthy and strong, you need to take care of it with just as much attention as you care for your other organs. 

The first step to keeping your skin healthy and glowing is by cleaning it with the right products. But here’s the tricky part, according to the FDA, most skin care products for cleaning are, in fact, nothing but just synthetic detergent products that have no nourishing value. Thus, when you are struggling with a skin condition such as eczema, it is essential to switch to natural products such as goat milk soap that will not only clean but also care for your skin.  


Goat milk soap has a high-fat molecule content, which makes it extremely moisturizing and an excellent remedy for eczema symptoms. It is rich in triglycerides and essential fatty acids, which make the goat milk soap have a pH level very similar to our skin. Thus, it won’t irritate and dry the skin like most soap bars from the supermarket do.

Reduce inflammation

Apart from moisturizing the skin, goat milk soap for eczema also helps soothe damaged skin and reduces redness, thanks to lipids found in goat milk, which have anti-inflammatory effects.  

Anti-aging benefits

Goat milk is also very popular for its anti-aging benefits. For thousands of years, milk baths were a famous beauty routine practiced by both women and men from the upper class and nobles. As milk contains lactic acid, a very popular anti-aging ingredient, it can break down dead skin cells, leaving the skin rejuvenated.

The anti-aging and moisturizing benefits of goat milk are also promoted by the number of skin-friendly vitamins found in the milk. Goat milk includes vitamins D, C, and vitamin E, which all help soften the skin and promote collagen production. 

Deep cleaning 

Besides, goat milk is also packed with amino acids and antioxidants, which allow it to penetrate the skin’s first layer and moisturize and clean the underneath tissue. In other words, compared with commercial soap bars, goat milk soap cleans and feeds your skin from within. 

How to use goat milk soap for eczema

If you are struggling with eczema, it is time to include goat milk soap in your skincare routine and replace all synthetic cleaning products with this organic and natural product. 

One of the most common symptoms of eczema is the fact that it leaves the skin feeling dry. So, you need to use a good moisturizer, such as goat milk soap, that can be absorbed by your skin to hydrate it from the within. The vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids from the goat milk will leave your skin softer and smoother for longer.

Another horrible symptom of eczema is that it leaves your skin irritated and red, which can be disturbing as the skin feels itchy and can also affect your skin’s look. Yet, as mentioned before, goat milk has anti-inflammatory effects and can help reduce the irritation. Moreover, you can be 100% sure that the soap you use won’t be the cause of the irritation, which is often the case with soap bars from the supermarket that contain chemical additives. 

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When suffering from eczema, there’s one crucial thing you must do to keep this skin condition under control: repair damaged skin. Thanks to the fact that it contains alpha hydroxyl acids, goat milk promotes the growth of new cells while it also removes the dead skin cells. Thus, it helps you repair damaged skin and leaves a younger and more vibrant skin look behind. 

Goat milk soap can be used in your daily skincare routine. If your symptoms are severe, you can use this organic soap to clean and moisturize your skin a few times a day. Yet, it is essential to keep in mind that goat milk soap is not a cure for this skin condition. It, however, has plenty of skin benefits that help you manage the symptoms of eczema.