Eczema Product Reviews And Recommendations

Eczema Product Reviews And Recommendations

Having Eczema is no fun at all and trying to find Eczema products that help is a hard task.

The products in this article have been sent into us by supporters and followers from our FACEBOOK group, ‘Eczema support group’ please feel free to CLICK THIS LINK to join our group. It’s great to have someone to talk to and share your experiences with. No one knows more about what you’re going through than another Eczema sufferer or carer.
As a man who’s had Eczema for over 46 years and a carer for my son with very bad Eczema for 19 Years, I know exactly what it’s like to try different product’s without any improvement, wasting time and money. So any help and advice were always appreciated, and some Eczema products really helped.

Not everything for treating Eczema is about Creams or lotions, Many products can help that you might not have heard of or tried before. We hope you find this information helpful and I hope you find ways to help your Eczema or to help someone you care for.
Caring is sharing and together we can cut out all the marketing talk and give you real advice and recommendation from real people who have used the Eczema products.

Recommended products for Eczema

#1 The Eco Laundry Egg

The Eco Laundry Egg

The natural detergent breakthrough
• Completely replaces washing detergent
• Long-lasting
• Dermatologically tested

The award-winning Laundry Egg is a complete replacement for washing detergent.  Just pop it in the drum of your washing machine – no powder, liquid, tablets or gels required.
The two types of mineral pellets inside the egg get to work, producing powerful – but natural – cleaning foam which powers through the fibers lifting off the dirt and grime.
Powerful results
Independently, laboratory proven to perform just as well as regular detergent, our innovative Laundry Egg is a real alternative to harsh chemicals – giving great results, naturally.
Great for sensitive skin
Supported by Allergy UK and the National Eczema Society, the Laundry Egg is dermatologically tested and perfect for even the most sensitive skin.
Long-lasting: under 3p per wash
Our 720 wash Laundry Egg lasts for 720 washes; that’s 3 year’s worth of laundry for the average family – imagine the money you’ll save not having to buy detergent for the next 3 years!  Each load works out to be just under 3 pence per wash.
Available in Soft Cotton, Spring Blossom or Fragrance-Free.



#2 ScratchSleeves – Stay-on Scratch Mitts for Itchy Babies & Toddlers

ScratchSleeves - Stay-on Scratch Mitts for Itchy Babies & Toddlers

Watching a young child, toddler or baby scratching at Eczema, psoriasis or any itchy skin rash is heart-breaking. Suffering a sleepless night thanks to baby eczema and then finding abandoned scratch mitts where your little one wriggled out of them frustrates even the most experienced parents. There’s also the damage your child can do by scratching and opening the skin to infection.

• Effective Scratch Mitts designed specifically for older babies and children, available in sizes from birth to 5 years.
• Cardigan design ensures ScratchSleeves stay firmly in place and makes them quick and easy to put on.
• Body  cotton, Mitts  Silk
• Natural silk mitts protect delicate skin from even the most vigorous scratching. Loose-fitting,  cotton sleeves ensure kids stay cool and sensitive skin is not irritated.
• It can be used day or night and worn over or under regular clothing.
• Machine washable at 40 degrees using non-biological detergent. It can be tumble-dried.

We found these pack of 6 on Amazon at a really cheap price with free delivery only £5.99


#4 Anti-Allergy bedding and Pillowcases

Anti-Allergy bedding and Pillowcases

Eczema is a skin condition defined by inflamed, itchy, red patches that appear due to dermatitis reacting to some sort of factor. Occasionally this reaction may be related to allergies, although genetics and environmental influences are also often the culprit.
No matter the severity of the reaction the result is often uncomfortable and interrupts your daily functions, including sleep.

Read our blog called – Eczema sleep deprivation

Since sleep is a critical part of the healing process, it is important to address the triggers that may cause these reactions to ensure that your lack of sleep is not a cause. To help get the rest your body needs for recovery. Therefore eliminating the risk of Allergies when sleeping seems a sensible thing to do.

There are many specialist bedding companies that have a good range of Eczema/anti-allergy bedding but we found some on Amazon at a great price.


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#5 Room Temperature monitor

Room Temperature monitor

One of the best ways to aid sleep for an Eczema sufferer is room temperature and humidity. So monitoring the room temperature is vital, You may think the room is fine but just guessing can be a bad decision.

Whilst you may not be able to control temperatures outdoors, the range of temperature indoors is usually within your control.

To keep your home cool, you should try air conditioning. In addition, keep your thermostat settings low to avoid dry air from getting to your skin.

Make sure that whatever you are using to lower the temperature of your environment does not dry out your skin. Therefore, do not cool your skin with sources of dry wind. Try cool mist humidifiers instead.

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#6 Shower filter attachments

Shower filter attachments

Many people who have Eczema or other dry skin conditions find that chlorine is harsh and abrasive on their skin. Some people avoid swimming entirely as it can lead to Eczema flare-ups. The chlorine in swimming pools can strip the skin and hair of its natural oils and proteins. This can lead to tight, red, itchy skin and dry hair. Severe Eczema flare-ups can be very painful and uncomfortable. Chlorine fumes can also be inhaled into the lungs, aggravating asthma symptoms, which are commonly connected with Eczema.
If you have Eczema and you find that your condition gets worse when you go swimming, then we highly recommend that you do not expose your skin to chlorine in your bath or shower.

In the UK, this chemical is added to all of our municipal water supplies to kill bacteria and this can aggravate your skin condition. These filters reduce the amount of Chlorine when showering. Most can be fitted simply to existing showers.

For more details and prices please click the link to go through to AMAZON where we found on at a low price


#7 Gloves


Gloves can be used in many different ways for Eczema sufferers. You can use them to prevent contact with daily irritants. To prevent Children from scratching.
You can also put gloves on after creaming to allow the cream to soak in. They can also be used to apply the cream by a carer.
A simple but effective way to care for Eczema on the hands. These are essential eczema products and a must-have.

Many types and materials are available, cotton and silk seem to be the best ones recommended by our friends and Eczema group followers.

We found these on Amazon which provides free delivery and low prices.


#8 Humidifier


If you have Eczema you know dry air during the winter months only makes your skin feel worse. You may be suffering more than necessary if you aren’t using a humidifier. Adding moisture to the air in your home and office will make a big difference in the feel of your skin and nasal passages. In fact, a humidifier is an essential tool to help you manage Eczema. It’s the same reason moisturizing Eczema treatments like wet wrap therapy work for Eczema. Dry skin has more cracks just like a desert landscape, but add in moisture and the skin barrier will become smoother, keeping allergens out and lessening the chance of an eczema flare.

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#9 Mattress & Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner

Mattress & Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner

I know only too well how messy bedding can get after a child has scratched all night and washing the bedding every night is impossible! So try a Mattress and Upholstery vacuum. They have Allergenic filters and will help aid sleep. Loose skin can be easily vacuumed with these hand help cleaners. Handy in and around the bed/cot. As we know Eczema has many trigger points dust, allergens, etc. This will help reduce the risk of contact with some of these and thus help sleep and make our life easier! I’ve tried many Eczema products but this one is very handy to have.



#10 UV-C Portable Wand – kills 99% of bacteria, viruses and mold

No matter where you live, what you do for a living, or who you surround yourself with, you are prone to run into germs and other microorganisms every single day. While there are plenty of ways to deter the transfer of anything truly nasty to you and your families such as hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial sprays, are those really the best ways to go about removing vast quantities of germs and bacteria from areas such as bathrooms, kitchen counters, and any other environments which are highly trafficked and susceptible to being a breeding ground for these microorganisms?
There is another potential way to eliminate microbes from the environments that you and your family spend the most amount of time in. Sanitizing wands are relatively new when it comes to using it in the home, but the technology behind them has been used in hospitals, food processing plants, and water treatment plants for quite some time. Does this technology actually work though when sold as a consumer-grade UV-C wand?
In short, the answer is yes, however, individuals buying these products must know the proper way to use them. While they are generally simple to use, there are several variables that must be known prior to use a sanitizing wand on a given surface. The wand must be held in the right position, for the proper amount of time, and the surface must be nearly perfectly smooth, otherwise, the microorganisms have the ability to hide from the UV-C rays.
How will you know if the wand is working properly? Unfortunately, similar to chemical cleaners that are used to disinfect surfaces in the home, you will not be able to tell visually if the wand is working. However, as with chemical cleaners, you will begin to be able to feel if a surface is disinfected, as well, any organic smells that were the result of dead or dying microorganisms will begin to disappear.
It is important to note that while these products are extremely useful in regards to cleaning and disinfecting a home, proper cautionary measures need to be taken when using them. Always follow the instructions.

We found this one on AMAZON click below for more details and prices.


#11 Salt Lamp

Salt Lamp

Everyone has their own opinions about these Salt lamps and the benefit for Eczema sufferers but we have received many comments from people who believe it really can and has affected Eczema for the positive.
Here are some of the benefits they claim to have.

It has been acknowledged worldwide that the following Himalayan Salt lamp benefits are derived from Himalayan Salts:
1 It helps with dry skin problems e.g. eczema and psoriasis
2 Aids in faster healing of wounds
3 Aids in tissue alkalization
4 Helps with the relaxation of deep tissues
5 Helps cleanse and detoxify
6 Aids in one’s well being and energizes the body
7 Aids in the positive mood swings
8 It aids in balancing the endocrine system
9 Enhances more energy bringing about a sense of well being
10 Aids in the rejuvenation of the body
11 Helps absorption good nutrients for the body and eliminated toxins
12 Himalayan Salt is a much better and healthier alternative to table salt
13 It has also proven that salts provide a soothing and calming effect on the body
14 Helps with achieving good sleep
15 Himalayan Salt dispels stress
16 Himalayan Salt is a natural ionizer ridding the air from dust mites and bacteria, therefore helps with the better quality of air that we breathe
17 It helps replace harmful ions from electrical gadgets and helps balance with healthy negative ions
18 Himalayan Salt aids in one’s concentration
19 Himalayan Salt had been known to have 84 mineral & trace elements
20 Himalayan salt helps and aids in rebalancing the bodies frequencies and vibrations

We have one in our living room and my wife swears by it, I’m not convinced but it’s certainly not harming me or my Eczema and it looks nice!

Here’s one we found on Amazon.


Always work with your doctor to find the right treatments. Your symptoms, age, family history, other health problems, and lifestyle help you find treatment’s that work. Most Eczema treatments give you short-term relief, But any relief no matter how short is a good thing.

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