Eczema in old age –  Do you worry what yours will be like?

Eczema in old age – Do you worry what yours will be like?

I’ve been thinking more and more about Eczema in old age, I’m not sure why as I’ve always looked forward to old age. I have plans with my wife to travel more and buy a camper van and travel all around the UK.

I think I’ve started to worry about what my eczema will look like as I get older and what sort of treatment it will involve as my current state of eczema is getting worse. From the age of 25ish, my eczema always seemed to be easier to manage, I wouldn’t say it was better or getting better but I could manage it each day to the point I wasn’t worried about every little thing. But lately it’s been getting worse, so maybe that’s why I’m thinking about it more.

eczema in old age

What will I need to change as I get older? Will I need different creams or will I need to see the Doctor more? I’m just not sure and its the uncertainty that’s worrying me. I’ve always known I will have eczema until the day I die but I didn’t expect it to get any worse than it is now at 46 years old I thought I had it under control. But no my eczema has taken a turn for the worse. That wasn’t on the agenda!

I remember caring for my mum as she got older and her eczema was very bad, It wasn’t a pleasant thing to see and that could also be on my mind.

You also need to think about the cost implications of the cream and treatment and plan this in our retirement budget, but I hope our NHS service will help with the cost. However, if you don’t live in the UK you will have to factor this into your financial costs as you get older. I use DIPROBASE cream which is available from Amazon and most Chemist or pharmacies for around £8 a bottle in the UK but in the US its cost APX or $25. Then there’s the emotional side to eczema in old age, like full body creaming routine 3-4 times a day which takes about 30 minutes each time, that will take its toll on you physically and my emotional state of mind in my old age.


Whatever happens in my old age I will continue to battle eczema until the day I die. I’ve always attacked eczema like a battle, some days I win the fight and some days eczema wins but I’ve got a feeling eczema will eventually win the war. But one thing is certain I won’t let it stop me enjoying my old age.

Eczema in old age doesn’t have to mean the end of our plans to travel, nor will it kill the love we have for each other and we will fight it together. It will interrupt our plans each day but it won’t stop us doing the things we love. Sure cold winter days are going to be hard with eczema, but that’s no different to how it is today.

motorhome 1489082 1280
Our dream for old age, travelling in a motorhome around the world

If you’re reading this blog you may also be worried about eczema in old age or you may already be suffering from eczema in old age, then please let us know how you are and what your thoughts are on this subject. Do you have any tips for coping? Can you share any best practices to help others, then comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

I’m a big believer in HOPE and I’ve always believed if you keep hope in your heart, you’ll be okay. So that’s what I’m going to do, hope my eczema in old age won’t be too bad. So bring it on old age here’s to traveling, eating good food, sharing quality time with my wife and playing golf whenever I want. HAHA




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