Do You Want To Stop Scratching FOREVER? Discover The TRUTH About Eczema Gloves – To Stop Scratching TODAY! Your Ultimate Guide! UPDATED

Do You Want To Stop Scratching FOREVER? Discover The TRUTH About Eczema Gloves – To Stop Scratching TODAY! Your Ultimate Guide! UPDATED

The Problem of Hand Eczema

The itchy, irritated skin of eczema is a problem wherever it appears on your body. However, when it shows up on your hands, it can be especially troublesome. For immediate relief Read: One of our top Articles “What Is The Best Hand Cream For Eczema – The Ultimate Guide” Not only is it uncomfortable and unsightly, but it is also far too easy to absentmindedly scratch at one hand with the other, leading to further irritation and infection. Without proper covering, people with this condition can damage themselves by scratching in their sleep. Children with hand eczema also have a difficult time keeping themselves from scratching.

Treatment and Prevention: Eczema Gloves

One way to treat irritated skin on the hands is by wearing specially designed gloves. A simple covering can provide important relief. There are several types of eczema gloves on the market. All of these products are designed to protect and soothe irritated hands.

To Prevent Itching and Scratching

Eczema gloves can help with similar itchy hand conditions like psoriasis and contact dermatitis. Gloves made from a fabric with bamboo fiber are made to be tight but comfortable. The slight pressure of the gloves can ease some of the irritation. You can also apply light pressure to the irritated region without actually scratching at it. This is a great benefit for small children who understandably have trouble refraining from scratching.

bamboo eczema gloves - yoro naturals

For Daily Protection

Your hands are exposed to all sorts of irritants on any given day. Dish soap, hand sanitizers, and other household products can all start an eczema reaction or make one worse. By wearing a covering on your hands, you will protect yourself from some of these sources of irritation. For this purpose, even simple cotton gloves can make a difference.

To Aid in Treatment

Bamboo fiber gloves are made of breathable fabric. Many people find relief by rubbing moisturizer or other treatment products on themselves before bed and covering them with the gloves. This keeps the treatment from wiping away overnight, letting the moisturizer do its important work for several hours. They wake up with significantly less irritation.

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How to find the right Eczema Gloves to stop you from Scratching

I ran into a new mother at the school pick up gate today, she had her three-month-old baby in a carrier. She had that special look of exhaustion that only new mothers can get. Her adorable little son had the sweetest face, no hair, and angry bright red scratches all over his face and head. She looked like she was apologizing for it, ‘He has eczema.’

He needed eczema gloves, to stop him from scratching.

I have been that exhausted mother. My babies had tiny socks on their hands pretty much from birth to stop them from scratching their little bodies and give their rashes a chance to heal. Eczema gloves have come a long way, even in the last few years, and sticking socks on your baby’s hands is not your only option anymore.

best eczema gloves to stop itching

What are the best eczema gloves to stop you from scratching?

There is actually quite a range of different uses for eczema gloves. Some will stop children from scratching, some are used to help apply creams, some you wear after putting cream on to help it soak in, and not get all over the place, and some will just generally protect your skin from the elements.

Constantly wetting and washing your hands, putting them in detergents and exposing them to other soap and cleaning chemicals is very bad for eczema sufferers. Wearing gloves prevents your skin from getting dirty and needing soap, as well as protecting your hands from any other chemicals and irritants.

Kid wearing Eczema Gloves

The design and materials used for eczema gloves these days are quite ingenious, and these products can be incredibly helpful. Not only do babies and children scratch uncontrollably, even grown adults will attack their eczema in their sleep, when they are distracted, or when they are so frustrated they can’t hold back anymore.

Did you know Essential oils can relieve the itchiness of eczema? Read here!

Comfort is a big plus with eczema gloves, including finding materials that don’t irritate, and that breathes well, and ones that are made without any itchy seams or tags. While wearing gloves is a good idea for some people with skin conditions, it can cause its own problems because people with eczema easily get hot. So, gloves that won’t add unnecessarily to that body heat is a plus too.


To look after your gloves wash them often and use a sensitive or hypoallergenic laundry powder when doing so.

Buying Eczema Gloves

Cotton gloves for basic protection can be found at most pharmacies or medical supply stores. However, if you want to buy gloves specifically designed to treat eczema or psoriasis, you will probably need to shop online. Several companies sell these items. Some come pre-treated with an eczema treatment. Some are made with bamboo fibers and others with natural wood Tencel fibers. They are made to fit snugly, so be sure to measure the patient’s hand size before ordering.

Remember that the snug fit is part of the soothing benefits of the hand covering. You will want to purchase multiple pairs so that you can wash a used pair. This will prevent irritants from building up inside the glove over time.

Let’s have a look at the best eczema gloves to stop scratching

Cotton Eczema Gloves

Cotton Eczema Gloves

Cotton gloves are the go-to for eczema gloves, because they are reasonably priced, feel good on, and they work. Also, they are readily available, so you can find a number of different brands and products to try until you are happy (or as is often the case with eczema, just less unhappy than without them!). Look for organic ones, these are often more comfortable and effective.

We found these on AMAZON at a really reasonable price. 

eczema gloves - stop scratching - oureczemasory

Cheaper ones can soak up a lot of your precious creams that your skin sorely needs, so watch out for this.

Bamboo Eczema Gloves

Bamboo Eczema Gloves

Clothing and other fabric items made from bamboo are starting to pop up all over the internet, and with good reason. It is a strong and durable plant that makes a good strong fabric, but that is extremely light and comfortable as well. Because of its sustainable and eco-friendly labels, bamboo is a guilt-free fabric to be using.

Bamboo is soft and gentle and great for sensitive skin. And it doesn’t cause flare-ups. It breathes well and stands up to the elements well. It is also hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, so helps to protect your skin against bacteria and can reduce your chances of infection.

Bamboo eczema gloves are a great product, usually a bit more expensive than the cotton ones on the market, but still very reasonably priced. And because they are strong they should last longer.

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Tencel Eczema Gloves

Tencel Eczema Gloves

This unique product is made from renewable raw material wood and is perfect for people with eczema and other skin conditions. It contains no impurities, is microbial and is eco-friendly. It is stretchy, breathable, formfitting and good for use for wet dressings. It is extremely soft and comfortable.

Treat Hand Eczema with these Super Soft Gloves

  • Perfect over Vaniply Ointment for effectively treating stubborn hand eczema.
  • These super soft gloves, made from biodegradable bamboo, prevent itching and scratching and also treat hand eczema when used over emollients and creams.
  • Great for wet and dry wrapping or protecting skin from scratching.
  • Excellent quality.  Will withstand many piles of washing. We recommend all our products be washed in a gentle wash laundry bag and lay flat to dry.

Moisturising Eczema Gloves

Moisturising Eczema Gloves

Some brands of eczema gloves come infused with gels or essential oils to help moisturize your skin. They are usually cotton gloves with a gel lining. They are thicker than other gloves, however, so may not be useful for wearing all the time, and are better for just at home or while you are asleep. They may get hot after a little while as well.


DermaSilk Gloves For Eczema

As the name suggests, DermaSilk products are designed to help skin conditions. They are made from a blend of materials specifically chosen to stop you from scratching and help you to heal. They are more breathable than cotton and are generally made to be form-fitting and to be worn during everyday activities. They also don’t draw creams and much-needed moisture away from your skin but help to replenish it instead.

They are more expensive than cotton or bamboo gloves and are still in the early stages of sales, so there are not a lot of reliable reviews online.

Tubifast Gloves For Eczema 

Tubifast products are designed for use as bandages and are great for use in wet dressings. The gloves are formfitting and comfortable, but will not last as long as cotton or bamboo gloves. They allow your creams to soak into your skin and work well when wet.

Made from a blend of viscose, nylon, and elastane, they are stretchy and breathable, so keep your skin cool. They are more expensive than cotton gloves but fall around the middle price range of other products.

Manuka Honey

Protex Gloves For Eczema

Protex Gloves For Eczema

Another glove made from a blend of materials and targeted to address skin conditions, protexgloves are a cheaper option than the DermaSilk ones. They are form fitting and useful for everyday wear, are strong, waterproof and also sun-resistant. They may make some wearers hot, however.

Also, they are not sexy, but then again none of these products really are. Perhaps there is a gap in the market for good eczema gloves that are also sexy. Not for kids.

Although restricting in some ways, the right eczema gloves can make an incredible difference in your skin. You will feel less itchy, and your skin will heal sooner as a result. Less scratching means less scarring, and this can only be a good thing in the long-term.

Part of a Preventative Lifestyle

Although its origin is not entirely known, it is believed that this condition is caused by an overactive immune system. In addition to wearing a soothing hand covering, as someone who suffers from this condition, it is important to work at prevention. Avoid strong soaps when washing your hands. If possible, only rinse with cold water. Gently blot your hands dry with a towel rather than using a hot air drier. Soap, hot water, and hot air can all dry out and irritate the skin. Carry moisturizer with you and apply it as part of your regular handwashing routine. The more you can do to minimize eczema on your hands, the more comfortable you will be.

Top Preventative Tips!
Wear Soothing Gloves
Avoid Strong Soaps
Rinse With Cold Water
Gently Blot Hands With Dry Towel
Use A Premium All-Natural Moisturizer

You might find that you only need to use them at night, or during flare-ups. Try a couple of different types until you find one that works for you, and then encourage yourself (or your children) to wear them as often as you can. You will be glad that you did it, and your skin will thank you in the end.

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