Dermalex For Eczema – As Advertised On TV

Dermalex For Eczema – As Advertised On TV

I was watching TV recently when an advert came on the TV for Dermalex for eczema, I stopped what I was doing and watched the TV commercial. It’s nice to finally see companies that focus on correct treatment for eczema and other skin condition IE: STEROID FREE reaching the mass audience by using TV to make people aware of our issues.Dermalex

This company produces a full range of products for many skin conditions including, eczema, Rosacea, psoriasis, and acne. They also produce a full range of eczema creams suited for all ages.

These treatments are available on AMAZON and we have highlighted the links above to save you time searching. Click the links to be taken straight to the products on AMAZON. Dermalex for eczema is a great steroid-free treatment for eczema, read why below.

What types of eczema can Dermalex be used on?

Dermalex has a full range of creams for certain types of Eczema, like Hand eczema, general eczema and eczema on babies and children.

Eczema ( atopic dermatitis) is a chronic skin condition that makes the skin red, itchy, dry and cracked. Flare-ups can occur on every part of the body and must be avoided at all cost. There are different kinds of eczema and the affliction varies from person to person. It is considered a challenging and distressing skin condition to manage and can affect not only your physical wellbeing but also your mental health.Dermalex For Eczema - As Advertised On TV


There are two main common types of atopic eczema (which occurs mainly in areas where the skin folds) and contact eczema (usually found on hands and feet).

Living with eczema can be very difficult and you probably already know as your on an eczema support website. Not only do you have to treat the physical aspects of eczema but also the psychological side: the visible symptoms make many sufferers self-conscious. But eczema also has a big impact on physical wellbeing, as the constant itching may lead to sleepless nights and fatigue, stress and sometimes unfortunately depression.
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What’s good about Dermalex?

Dermalex Atopic Eczema cream

This cream is an effective treatment for the most common type of eczema. Dermalex Atopic Eczema cream treats the symptoms, moisturizes and restores the skin barrier. This is one of the only True steroid creams widely available online that you can trust.

  • No steroids
  • Appropriate for long-term use
  • Safe to use on the face.
  • Replenishes the missing lipids to restore the skin’s protective barrier.
  • Prevents irritants and allergens from entering the skin and triggering new flare-ups

MagneoLiteTM complex improves the skin’s own repair mechanism, reducing redness and irritation

How to use Dermalex

Apply 2-3 times per day on the affected skin and after bathing or showering. First 3 days: apply on damp skin.

Proven effective as stand-alone treatment. In combination with other treatments, consult your pharmacist or GP or Doctor.

It’s perfectly safe to use on the face, over large body parts and over long periods of time.

Do not use the Dermalex products on open wounds or if infected, seek medical advice

Do not use Dermalex eczema cream for babies and children on babies under eight weeks of age

Please read the full instruction for use before using the product and if unsure seek medical advice.

What we thought of Dermalex

I tried the general cream DERMALEX 100G tube purchased online from AMAZON which arrived the next day.

The cream was very easy to apply and had a nice fragrance but without any long-lasting fragrance. Which for men is a good thing, I don’t like people commenting on my condition and fragrance always gets people attention.

I applied it 3 times a day all over and used a full 100G TUBE in a week, which cost me £12. This is about the normal cost of my treatment so It is not too expensive.

The cream kept my skin moisturized throughout the day, but not on my hands ( which are bad ) I think I would need two tubes of cream. One for my body and the ECZEMA HAND cream for just my hands.



I love the fact that DERMALEX has a full range of creams for all types of skin conditions and I also like the fact that they’re steroid free! This is the best part of these treatments.

I also like the fact that this company is bringing awareness to our conditions, for this reason alone I would support them. A cure for eczema will only happen if people are aware of the suffering millions of people are going through daily. Then we may see more funding for research into a cure.

Would I buy it again and continue to use it?

Yes, I’m certainly going to try the HAND TREATMENT, I use DIPROBASE which I purchase from AMAZON, all over my body at the moment and this really works for me. So I think I will stick to that for now on my body and use DERMALEX HAND TREATMENT for my hands only because DIPROBASE is available in larger tubs and I go through a lot each week.

I’m sure if you’re like me, finding the right treatment is critical for managing our condition, so Would I recommend you try Dermalex?  HELL YES!  It might be your miracle cure, who knows.

Good luck and lets us know how you get on, please.


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