Cotton Gloves for Toddlers With Eczema

Cotton Gloves for Toddlers With Eczema

Gloves for Toddlers With Eczema

Eczema on your hands can be painful and debilitating as you use them for just about everything.

In this article cotton gloves for toddlers with eczema, We will explain what you can do to protect their small hands and where to buy them from to save you time and money.

Not only does eczema on the hands affect toddlers but also older children and adults too.

My hands are bad at the moment due to work and the physical damage it causes to them, a moment’s damage to my hands can last for weeks and will need constant treatment to make them better. It’s painful and stops me from doing simple things like fastening my buttons and doing jobs around the house.

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Why your toddlers should wear eczema gloves

Your hands are constantly being exposed to the elements and conditions each day without you realizing it. Chemicals that can cause damage to your sensitive skin everywhere.

There are three main reasons why you should buy your toddler some cotton eczema gloves.

  1. To stop them from damaging their skin from scratching
  2. To protect their sensitive skin from external elements
  3. Help moisturize their skin as part of their daily treatment

You can combine two of the above by simply wearing gloves throughout the day and night as part of your care routine to protect their hands from irritants. Everything they come into contact with throughout the day can be a source of an irritant without you even realizing it. Hidden dangers for eczema sufferers are everywhere.

cotton gloves for toddlers with eczema

Toddlers and older Children love exploring both inside the house and outside, but unfortunately for an eczema sufferer, this is like a minefield to them. Just a few seconds of contact with an irritant can cause extreme itching which will be hard for them to resist at their age. By wearing COTTON GLOVES FOR ECZEMA you can help protect them from damaging their skin.

It’s not only Toddlers that should wear cotton gloves for eczema but adults also who suffer from eczema. I work in the retail environment and have to deal with the issues my eczema cause every day.

Read a day in the life of an eczema sufferer here.

What type of gloves should you buy?

There are different types of gloves you should look out for when thinking of buying some. You should also make sure that they are either 100% cotton or made from a mixture of cotton and Bamboo.

  • Cotton mittens for toddlers
  • Cotton gloves for older children
  • Scratchsleeves
  • Adult gloves

Beware of buying any gloves that contain latex if you suffer from a latex allergy. Latex is added to the gloves to help them maintain the shape of the glove.

Cotton gloves for toddlers with eczema don’t have to cost the earth just make sure they are cotton or bamboo and not wool or other itchy material.

Most eczema gloves are made from 100% cotton are sold in packs of 8-12 some larger packs of 24 are available and offer better value at just under $1 per pair. Buying in bulk packs of 24 is better due to the fact that they are latex-free and after some weeks of usage they lose their shape and will need replacing. I would rather replace them than risk an irritant like latex. Just use them for a couple of weeks and then throw them away.

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You may also need to replace them regularly if your toddler’s eczema is split and bleeding. They are washable but start to lose the size and shape after a few washes so we recommend just throwing them away and use a new pair.

bamboo gloves for toddlers with eczema

Eczema gloves for Toddlers and Small children

We recommend these ones for Toddlers Which are 30% cotton and 70% Bamboo.

They are naturally antimicrobial providing protection from germs for your baby as well as protection from scratching and irritants. Made by Goumikids they featuring their signature two-part closure, Goumi Mitts and Boots combine a strong Velcro strap with ample elastic around the wrist and ankles to prevent even the most active children from removing garments or slipping.

You can also use these gloves to act as a barrier after applying a suitable eczema cream for babies and toddlers. We recommend this one Aveeno baby therapy cream.

Simply bath your toddler as normal and apply the cream to your toddler’s hands whilst still warm and moist then cover their hands with these mittens. This will help the cream absorb into the skin and stop your toddler itching

cotton eczema gloves for toddlers

The bamboo and organic cotton blend allows for a breathable, cooling system and also blocks 99.7% of UVA/UVB light.

Scratch Sleeves for toddlers

This is an amazing invention Scratchsleeves. We wish they had been on the market when our son was young. They would have stopped endless nights of itching and would haven’t helped both our son and we get more sleep.

A simple and effective solution for scratchy little ones. The unique double-layer mitts with a smooth silk outer layer ensure that damage caused by scratching and rubbing is minimized. The cardigan design ensures that ScratchSleeves are easy to put on and stay firmly in place without the need for fiddly fastening, which can also be used for scratching. Loose-fitting sleeves ensure that toddlers and kids stay cool and sensitive skin on hands, wrists, and arms is not irritated.

Originally designed for babies and kids with eczema, ScratchSleeves are also effective for all sorts of scratching and irritation including chickenpox, cradle cap, ear pulling, overly enthusiastic thumb sucking, nail-biting and even hair pulling.

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Cotton gloves for Older Children

There are two types of cotton eczema gloves we recommend for Children with eczema. The first is an everyday eczema glove to protect them from the elements and irritants they may come into contact with like chemicals, Hot or Cold environments and other hidden hazards for someone who suffers from eczema. These are available in small, medium and large and come in packs of 24 costing just $24. That works $1 a pair. That’s a small price to pay to protect their hands.

The second type of glove is one for applying creams and lotions. You can buy eczema gloves and socks which our son still uses today and he’s in his teens. I also wear them to bed after applying my eczema cream before I go to sleep.

You simply apply your normal creams and then wear the eczema gloves and socks to help keep the moisture from the creams locked inside your skin. They make your hands and feet feel lovey after wearing them for an hour or two.

Other helpful eczema gloves for all ages

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  • REUSABLE GLOVES - thick cotton gloves lock in moisture day and night, working or sleeping
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  • Hypoallergenic and can also be used to conceal skin disorders; prevents staining of fabrics and clothing
  • Great value as machine washable and reusable
  • Perfect for material, photography, archival and art handling, jewelry, silver and coins inspections too
  • Each glove fits either hand and easy to get on / off

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  • Microbioligically protected, they help fighting infections.
  • They are extremely pure. Made of 100% knitted silk fibroin (without sericin).
  • Entirely made in Italy, wash by hand or washing machine at 30-40° C.

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Eczema gloves for adults

If you’ve read the article above that I wrote about my daily life struggles with eczema, you’ll see that eczema gloves are a big part of my life.

I work in a retail environment and inside where no one but myself wears gloves. Everyone asks me daily ‘ Why are you wearing gloves?” and I’m sick to death of telling people. But I don’t care what people think of me. Protecting my hands from physical damage is the most important thing to me.

If I damage my hands then it is very painful and sore and can take weeks to heal.

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So I use these Black eczema gloves, they are a bit thicker and heavier than children eczema gloves and help protect my hands from my daily working life.

Other ways to heal eczema on toddlers hands

Here are a few suggestions that will help you control and manage eczema on your toddlers and children’s hands.

  • Get allergy tested Click here for details
  • Foods can contribute to flare-ups. Investigate which one cause flare-ups
  • Use chemical-free washing and drying methods for their clothes. We use Laundry balls.
  • Have a great daily moisturizing routine with a suitable cream. We recommend Aveeno baby cream
  • Prevent them from scratching by wearing gloves day and night
  • Cut their nails regularly in case they do manage to scratch to avoid excessive damage to their skin.
  • Distraction is a great technique for preventing itching and scratching in younger children, reading, playing with toys etc will distract them from scratching.

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We hope this article has helped you make the correct purchase if you’re thinking of buying some cotton gloves for toddlers with eczema

We know preventing itching and scratching is paramount when caring for toddlers with eczema. Avoiding flare-ups is a daily concern for every parent and using these gloves and mittens will help you.

Please share this article if you found it helpful.

Carl & Lindsey x


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