Coconut Oil for Eczema – Everything You Need to Know! Your Ultimate Guide

Coconut Oil for Eczema – Everything You Need to Know! Your Ultimate Guide

Coconut Oil for Eczema – Everything You Need to Know – Your Ultimate Guide!

Have you heard that coconut oils can be a way to cure eczema? This guide will explain why it works and how you can use it to treat your sensitive skin. Coconut Oil for Eczema – Everything You Need to Know!

The Ultimate Guide to Treating Eczema With Coconut Oil

If you want to treat your eczema with something gentle, healing, and all-natural, look no further than coconut oil. This moisturizing oil has plenty of benefits for those who are tired of itchy, cracked, reddened, and flaking skin. You can find out all sorts of great ways of curing eczema with coconut oil inside our helpful guide.T

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Stop Itching and Clear Up Skin With Coconut Oil

Do you dream of clear, soft skin that doesn’t keep you up all night itching and dealing with pain? If this describes you, relief is just around the corner! Instead of paying for pricey, chemical-filled creams, you can manage your eczema with all-natural oil from coconuts.

Check out this helpful guide to learn all about how oil from coconuts heals eczema.

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Discover How Coconut Oil Can Cure Eczema

Does oil from coconuts really live up to the hype? Let’s see what science has to say about it! Before we get deeper into all the ways eczema can be treated with coconut oils, it is helpful to learn a little more about how it works. Finding out all the ways coconut oil can heal eczema will help you decide if it is right for your condition.

Repair Your Moisture Barrier

Some of the biggest benefits of coconut oil seem to be from the moisturizing properties of this oil. One of the key ingredients in coconut oils is lauric acid. This is a type of natural fatty acid that is known for its moisturizing properties. Unlike lotions that just sit on top of the skin, coconut oil actually melts into the skin to provide deep moisturizing capabilities.

This is so important because a major cause of eczema is a damaged skin moisture barrier that keeps the skin from staying hydrated. Regularly applying coconut oil helps to moisturize the lower layers of skin until a moisture barrier can reform and strengthen. A 2014 study that had patients apply coconut oil for eight weeks found that patients who used coconut oil instead of mineral oil had significantly reduced rates of eczema symptoms.

Prevent Infection and Inflammation

Another one of the major benefits of coconut oil is that it is antimicrobial. Research published by the American Oil Chemists Society discovered that this oil greatly inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. coconut oil’s ability to kill off harmful foreign microbes is very important because opportunistic skin infections are a major problem for people with eczema. If you are one of the unfortunate people who gets deep skin cracks due to eczema, coconut oil can help you avoid nasty infections from settling into these areas.

2018 research revealed that coconut oil also has the ability to reduce inflammation on a cellular level. Eczema is often linked to an overactive immune system, so anything that helps to soothe this inflammation can be quite useful. It turns out that coconut oil can immediately soothe skin, and the effects of coconut oil on sensitive skin are even more impressive when it is used regularly. This means you may end up with less redness, itching, and swelling to worry about.

10 Reasons You Should Put Coconut Oil On Your Face And Skin!

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Side Effects of Coconut Oil

All of this might sound great, but is there anything you should be worried about? Most of the effects of coconut oil on sensitive skin are positive, but it is understandable to be cautious if you’ve had bad experiences with lotions or creams before. As long as you get unprocessed oil without any additives, you do not need to worry. Coconut oil is generally safe to apply to skin, even for children, but of course, you should check with your doctor if your child is under six years of age. The only potential danger is due to allergies. Those with coconut or tree nut allergies should avoid using coconut oil for eczema. It is possible to be allergic to the oil itself, so test a small dab of oil on your skin to see how it reacts before applying it everywhere.

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Make Your Own Eczema Lotions and More!

Curing eczema with coconut oil can actually be just as simple as applying the plain oil on your skin. It is solid at room temperature but melts with body heat, so you can gently rub it into effective areas. You can apply it after a bath to lock in moisture or rub it on any cracked, itchy, or flaky area at any time of day. This basic way of treating eczema with coconut oil is easy, budget-friendly, and extremely effective! However, there are plenty of options if you don’t just want plain oil on your skin. Here are some fun options to try.

Coconut Oil Lotion for Eczema

If you want a slightly more spreadable consistency when using coconut oil for eczema, make this basic recipe. Combine one cup of coconut oil with a tablespoon of vitamin E oil and beat together until it has a light, fluffy consistency. This lotion will last in an airtight container for weeks. If desired, add some essential oils that provide a pleasant scent or help with eczema. Some good options to use include lavender, tea tree, and peppermint oil.

Coconut Oil Soap for Eczema

It is surprisingly easy to make your own soap. Using DIY coconut oil soap lets you avoid harsh soaps that can trigger eczema, and it ensures your skin stays moisturized instead of being dried out by hot showers. All you need for homemade soap is coconut oil and a little lye. However, many people like to add some essential oils or natural food coloring to the soap for a little extra flair. The end result is an incredibly moisturizing bar of soap that is gentle on your eczema.

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Coconut Oil Lip Balm

For many people dealing with eczema, one of the most uncomfortable areas is the lips. Lips are particularly prone to developing, deep painful cracks that bleed and sting. Often, store-bought lip balms can just worsen the situation due to irritating ingredients like salicylic acid and phenol. To make lip balm at home with coconut oil, all you need to do is melt together 3 tablespoons of coconut oil with ½ teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of beeswax. Then you can pour this mixture into a small container or old lip balm tube and use it whenever your lips start to feel dry.

Coconut Oil Bath Bombs

Taking a bath is a classic way of managing eczema itching, and you can make your bath even more effective by adding a little coconut oil. A blend of baking soda, coconut oil, lemon juice, colloidal oatmeal, and honey creates a soft mixture that can be formed into bath bombs and set out to dry. Then you can drop one in a bath whenever you want to treat yourself to a relaxing soak. When you get out of the tub, you will find your skin feeling soft and manageable.

Coconut Oil Hand Cream

When you want something with intense moisturizing properties, consider making a coconut oil hand cream. This recipe is great for providing deep moisture to the thicker skin found on the hands and feet. To make it, you just need to melt together equal parts coconut oil and shea butter with a few tablespoons of honey and a dash of essential oils. Let this mixture solidify, then beat it with kitchen mixers to achieve a lightweight, whipped texture. The combination of coconut oil and shea butter allows for deep moisturization that will soothe inflamed hands easily.

Try Out These Great Products

Don’t have time to be hand mixing your own eczema lotions? Fortunately, there are several excellent stores made products that feature oil from coconuts and do not have ingredients likely to trigger eczema flare-ups. Here are some of our favorite options to try.

Eczema Honey Gentle Face and Body Lotion Stick

We like this product because it is so versatile. You can use it as a moisturizing mask, everyday lotion, or even a lip balm. Its simple, no-nonsense ingredient list includes beeswax, honey, colloidal oatmeal, and coconut oil. This combination of soothing and moisturizing products helps calm eczema flare ups and avoid further symptoms. Thanks to the product’s formulation, it is in a non-liquid stick that is quite easy to apply.

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Honest Soothing Therapy Body Wash

This is a great gentle soap. It cleanses your skin without drying it out, so you can use it every day without any issue. In addition to basic coconut oil, this soap also has concentrated coconut fatty acids, aloe vera leaf, oat kernel flour, and cetyl alcohol. The blend of ingredients helps clean your skin and reduce infections while still adding plenty of moisture to your skin. We also like that it is cruelty-free and not tested on animals!

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Baby Bum Natural Monoi Coconut Balm

This product is specially formulated to be infant safe, so it is a great choice for kids dealing with eczema. At the same time, it is so effective that plenty of parents love it too. This balm combines coconut oil with ale, shea butter, cocoa butter, and monoi flower petals. The end result is a soft balm that melts into the skin and provides intense moisturizing.

Baby Bum Natural Monoi Coconut Balm

Seed Advanced Botanicals Extra Moisturizing Face Cream

We like the blend of all-natural, moisturizing ingredients in this face cream. In addition to coconut oil, it also has argan oil, sunflower seed oil, and hyaluronic acid. Its lightweight texture lets you soothe eczema flare-ups on the face without looking greasy or slimy. Since this cream is free of soy, gluten, dairy, petrochemicals, parabens, and phthalates, it is missing many of the ingredients that can trigger eczema flare-ups.

Seed Advanced Botanicals Extra Moisturizing Face Cream

Ignite Intense™ Coconut Sweat Activating Gel

If You work-out this product is a MUST-Have! This product creates an inclusive barrier to help encourage additional heat and thus sweating during exercise. It does this by fighting off water retention and cellulite for a smoother appearance in trouble areas. It is Infused with coconut oil, shea butter and Vitamin E to keep skin hydrated. It also contains shea butter, coconut oil,Hydrogenated jojoba oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, as well as Vitamin E.

Ignite Intense™ Coconut Sweat Activating Gel

Indie Lee Coconut Citrus Body Scrub

We LOVE this body scrub is an intoxicating blend of coconut, lemongrass, lemon balm, jojoba and vanilla. It smells so delicious, but DO NOT EAT IT! (trust use you’ll want to) We use it all year long. Indie Lee’s coconut citrus body scrub begins by buffing your skin to it’s smoothest with the gentle sugar texture which then exfoliates to leave your skin silky,soft and supple.

Indie Lee Coconut Citrus Body Scrub

Final Thoughts

Thanks to its moisturizing and antibacterial properties, oil from coconuts are the ideal eczema treatment. Just plain oil from coconuts can be a solid way for treating eczema, or you can combine it with other healing ingredients to get even more relief.

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