Top 20 Children’s Bouncy Castles – Why Rent When You Can Buy?

Top 20 Children’s Bouncy Castles – Why Rent When You Can Buy?

Everyone loves having ago on a bouncy castle or as some people call them, Inflatable Castles, Bounce Houses, and even moon bouncers RIGHT?

Have you ever had a children’s party and hired a bouncy castle? They are not cheap but they really make the party fun. Children and Adults love to have ago on them, unfortunately, the time comes when you have to hand them back and the parties over.

Well, It doesn’t have to be like that, we have found some amazing bouncy castles and have put them into this review and we have called it.

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We think that all children deserve to have fun, unfortunately, some poor children seem to miss out on going to parties and playing in the park due to their medical conditions like severe eczema. Many children suffer from debilitating conditions like severe eczema that stop them from doing the normal things that other children do.

So bring the fun to them. A Trampoline or Bouncy Castle set up in your garden will allow them to have fun and exercise at the same time.

Our son had severe eczema when he was a child and he was in so much pain that he often didn’t want to go out to children’s parties and missed out on all the fun. As he got older he had to manage the emotions of having a visible skin condition. This also kept him away from some social interactions.

We tried everything to get him to play with his friends. The only thing that got him back into the mindset of having fun and playing with his friends was when we bought a Bouncy castle for the garden. He invited his friends and that was it. They came round all the time and his social skills grew,

That’s why we wrote this post The Top 20 Children’s Bouncy castles, To help other children have fun.

You won’t believe how cheap some of them are to buy. The cost of renting some once or twice is about the same as buying one.

Some of the best Bouncy castles are made by:

The brands above have been selected for different reasons. Some for the low price and others for the quality and style. All offer something for everyone. If it’s a small child-friendly one then Little Tikes are great and if you’re looking for something really special then KIDWISE is the one for you.

Size and capacity guide

Bouncy castle come in all shapes and sizes and offer something for everyone. From very small 1 person castles to commercial massive ones that hold up to 30 people at a time.

Some are shaped like animals or monsters like this one.

top 20 bouncy castles for children

All castles that are of a good quality will come with capacity and weight instructions. These should be strictly adhered to as exceeding the weight could be dangerous for your child.

Approximate Size (ft) Approximate Capacity
10 x 10 6
12x 12 8
15 x 15 12
18 x 18 14

The difference between a garden bouncy castle and a commercial one

Bouncy castles/inflatables are all similar in design. You have an inflated base with inflated sides and an entry point.

The difference between a commercial bouncy castle and a children’s one for home or garden is the grade of material used and the size.

Commercial units are made from a stronger PVC material with can withstand lots of people jumping on it at any one time.

Both come in all shapes and styles from the very basic castle with a base and four sides, to ones that are shaped from everything like a giant elephant to a spaceship with LED lights and sound effects.

Some of the nicest are brightly colored and have slides and tunnels and even ball pools built into the bouncy castle. Children love them, just try to keep the adults off them if they’re over the weight limit.

How and what you’ll need to inflate them

The easiest way to inflate one it to buy an electric blower like the DTPHOUSE BLOWER suitable for medium to large inflatable castles. It has a Power Rating Of This Blower Is 480 Watts Which Is 0.64 Horsepower which will inflate any bouncy castle within 10Minutes- 20 for larger ones.

Please make sure you connect the blower correctly and its safely secured to the castle or inflatable.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B06XWWH14R&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=oureczemastor 20ir?t=oureczemastor 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B06XWWH14RAlthough this blower is a good size and power output it’s not suitable for a commercial castle. You will need possibly a Diesel or Petrol blower for these castles.

Why you should buy a bouncy castle for your child

There are many reasons why you should buy one.

  1. Fun for all the family
  2. A healthy way to exercise
  3. Good for children with disabilities like Aspergers & Autism
  4. Great for coordination skills
  5. Helps build relationships between children

Bouncy castles are also known for their therapeutic value for children with Autism and other sensory impairments.

Another great way to have fun and exercise is Trampolines. We recently reviewed The best Trampolines for children.

Bouncy castle offers a great way to relieve stress for children. If they’re always on the computer or stuck in their bedrooms these offer a great escape from school and computers. Let the jump around and use muscles that they haven’t used in ages. Sitting in a classroom or bedroom playing on a computer leave them stiff, tired and sometimes stressed.

Yes even children suffer from stress, they may show it on a different level but they do.

Widen their imagination! Watch a child in a bouncy castle and see their minds start to expand and role play. Especially if the castle or inflatable is a fun packed type like the one below. Its the ULTIMATE COMBO CASTLE
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B001DF8HXI&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=oureczemastor 20ir?t=oureczemastor 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B001DF8HXI

Anchor points & Saftey Ratings

Not all inflatables and bouncy castles come with anchor points. If they do please use them, they are there for a reason ( The safety of your child ) so take the time to read the instructions and use them.

The danger of not anchoring them to the ground is number1 the wind and number 2 children bouncing off the wales may cause it to fall over.

Never, put your child in danger.!

Inflatables-Bouncy house/castles must be manufactured in accordance with good manufacturing practice, using suitable quality materials and a suitable design. Inflatables should be manufactured in accordance with BS EN 14960:2013 Inflatable play equipment – Safety requirements and test methods.

If you’re unsure about any safety issues please ask a suitable professional person within the industry before using one.

top 20 bouncy castles

Maintenance and storage

Best way to store your inflatable or bouncy house/castle is to place it in a purpose made bag and then store in your garage/loft or even a nice waterproof garden box like the Giantex79.

Storage bag size guide
Extra Small Tots Castles 8′ x 11′ Diameter
Small Party Fun 10′ x 13′ – 11′ x 15′ Diameter
Medium Standard 12 x 15 & Combis Diameter
Large Adult 14′ x 19′ Diameter
Extra Large 17′ x 18′ – 20′ x 24′ Diameter
Bespoke  Please call Diameter

Top 20 Children’s Bouncy castles


No matter which Inflatable or Bouncy Castle you buy you can rest assured your children will love it.

Just remember the safety measures we mentioned above and keep your child in view whilst they play on the bouncy castle.

They will have fun and make friends.