Can You Die From Eczema? Eczema Truths and Torment.

Can You Die From Eczema? Eczema Truths and Torment.

If you have read some of our other articles you’ll know we talk about everything eczema related and don’t shy away from hard topics.

But this one is surely one of the hardest to talk about.

After reading an article on CNN’s website ( Link at the bottom of this post) it got us thinking about how many people and even children suffering from extremely severer eczema have had this thought or even asked this question.

It saddens me to think that my own child who suffers from eczema may have uttered these sad words “ can you die from eczema?‘ But looking at Google searches for that sentence it seems over 200 people a month have Googled those words. So we thought we’d look at this topic and try to answer some of your questions.

Can you die from eczema? You can’t die from eczema directly only in very rare cases. The issue with this skin condition and many others are the secondary conditions that are associated with eczema like mental health issues and depression. These conditions often lead to suicides and self-harming.

We have listed some below:

  • Infections
  • Asthma
  • Depression
  • stress
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Allergic reactions

This story about a young nurse in Hong Kong

The story I read was about a young student nurse who has severer eczema and ended up murdering her parents and taking her own life.

Was eczema to blame?

It isn’t 100% clear what drove her to do such a terrible thing and nobody will ever know the truth. But this bright young girl suffered from eczema all her life and when police arrived at the scene of total horror, they found a suicide note written by Pang the young girl suffering from eczema.

In the note, she explained that she couldn’t cope with having long-term eczema anymore.

Pang had previously posted a blog and social media posts saying she couldn’t cope anymore with her condition and the was nothing more to do in life than to ‘ Wait to die”

What help and support did Pang received for her condition we don’t know and in the article, there are lots of information missing.

Why did she kill her parents and what help and support did she receive if any? Did her parent neglect her due to her skin condition? Did they not want a child that had this horrible skin condition?. Where they embarrassed?

Who knows, but whatever the reason it ended with 3 people losing their lives due to eczema.

Can you die from eczema?

Eczema is a chronic skin condition that manifests itself in the form of dry, itchy, red and sore skin patches. These can take shape in many forms as there are lots of different types of eczema. We have written an article to help you identify which one you may have the link is above, but always seek medical advice for an accurate diagnosis.

The condition can have hereditary connections and is exacerbated by external factors like pollution, stress, weather, and allergens. Foods also play a part in controlling eczema.

Whilst eczema isn’t life-threatening, the biggest threat comes from two factors.

  1. Infections
  2. Emotional wellbeing

These two factors are by far the most common issues when dealing with and living with eczema. The day to day battle to keep eczema under control can have a huge effect on your emotional and physical condition.

This can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts.

I can confess after living with eczema for over 48 Years myself I can remember sitting in my bedroom, covered in eczema cream, bleeding and tired and thinking to myself ‘ Why me, I wanna die’

I was one of the lucky ones that were able to control my thoughts and as a fully grown man and Dad to three amazing boys, I can honestly say it made me a stronger man. If I can cope with eczema, bullying at school and relationship issues then I can cope with anything.

Having the condition myself also helped me and my wife deal with our sons severer eczema condition. Although I found it hard sometimes when he had a serious infection. I blamed myself a lot for his pain and suffering.

Can you die from eczema?
                                  (Photo Credits: CNN News-Pang, Hong Kong women died as a result of suffering from eczema)

Eczema and depression

Most people suffering from eczema don’t wake up one morning and think ‘ I want to kill myself ‘ It is normally a slow build up of emotions and the daily battle with eczema that can lead to depression and a low self-esteem.

The telltale signs will be there and you need to talk about the issues you are dealing with someone who cares and will listen.

We always recommend talking to your family or your doctor/GP at the first sign that you are not coping.

Please don’t leave it too long, it will help and there is support out there for you. We have a list of eczema support organizations that will offer help and advice. Click here!

If that poor young girl ‘ Pang’ had some support would she still be alive today? We don’t know but I’m sure it would have helped her.

These amazing companies help thousands of people suffering from eczema each year and they also help the parents cope with the constant care they need to give their children. This can range from daily creaming routines to emotional support.

Read our article called ‘ Eczema and Depression‘ This will give you more advice on caring for someone who has eczema and maybe starting to develop depression caused by eczema.

Infection and daily eczema care

If you suffer from eczema or care for someone with the condition you’ll know that the biggest issue they face is dealing with an eczema infection.

Most people can cope day to day with the constant itching by creaming and moisturizing daily. I don’t know where I would have been without Diprobase Moisturizer it has been my cream of choice for over 10 Years now and I love it. None greasy and easy to apply, it also lasts for hours after applying. I currently apply all over my body three times a day.

If you’d like to try this steroid-free cream then you can purchase it from Amazon I have provided the link above to save you time and money. I buy mine in packs of two, it saves you money.

If you don’t have the correct eczema treatment then you can get eczema infections and flare-ups. This is the real danger of eczema. Infections can be very serious and can be life-threatening if not treated.

You may have read in one of our other posts about our son when he was younger who got an infection in his foot which almost leads to him having his foot amputated. This was such a low point in all our lives and I’m sure thinking back that both myself and my son had depression of some form after this incident.

Thankfully the hospital after a number of weeks got the infection under control.

He was in so much pain and just wanted to give up and I blamed myself for him having the pain and suffering.

It is said that people suffering from eczema are 30-40% more likely to have suicidal thought and suffer from depression. I find this totally shocking but not at all surprising!

What can you do to help?

Seek help and support from professionals and talk to your closest loved ones. Even confide in a friend and let them know you need help.

Contact the professional and amazing eczema support groups like The National Eczema Society.

Reach out to others dealing with similar issues on social media, ensure you talk to people in a safe and secure environment. Facebook groups can help and we have built up some special relationships with sufferers and carers in our own group. The link is here >>> Our Eczema Story <<< if you would like to join.

Read all you can, eBooks, Articles and medical studies can all help you understand your condition better and will give you direction for treatment.

But most of all trust your Doctor, GP, and Dermatologist. They are the ones that can help you the most, ask about new treatments like Dupixent and try different creams. Build a strong relationship with them and then when you suffer a flare-up they may be able to pinpoint the cause and help reduce the danger of it happening again.

Final thoughts: Can you die from eczema

Whatever caused this young girl Pang in Hong Kong to take the lives of her parents and then her own life is a mystery, but eczema certainly seems to have played a part. Can you die from eczema? It seems you can but not from the skin condition alone.

Other factors play a role in causing deaths from people who suffer from eczema.

Read Pang’s full story here

We are sorry if this article upset you or caused you concern, but there’s no point shying away from hard topics that may come up in your life if you suffer from eczema.

Tackling them now and talking about them could help you in the future.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with us and help other. This website was set up for sufferers and carers to share their own stories to help others.

We are always looking for people to write about their own experiences in eczema blogs. You don’t need to be a professional writer ( As you can see from my poor grammar and spelling lol ) You simply need to have some experience of treating or living with eczema.