How Long Does Eczema Last In Adults?

How Long Does Eczema Last In Adults?

How long does eczema last in adults?

I have asked this question many times throughout my teens and into adulthood, and I’ve never received an answer that I was happy with. This is due to the fact that eczema is a very complicated condition.

Specialists are unsure what exactly causes eczema and it’s an area of ongoing medical research with multiple theories. Currently, over 40 studies are being carried out worldwide to find the answer to many eczema questions and this one ‘ How long does eczema last in adults?’ is just one of them.

However, they do believe that it’s a complex interaction between a person’s genetics and the environment and are confident with the correct funding and focus a cure will eventually be found.

It can depend on the type of eczema you have.

The most common form of eczema is atopic eczema, which usually affects children but can affect adults too.
‘Atopic’ means the condition is caused by allergy sensitivity. This can be controlled better than other forms of eczema as you have a say in the environment their exposed to.

Eczema affects 1 in 12 Adults in the UK alone, with the correct treatment and routines put in place it can be controlled until hopefully, you grow out of it. The key to treating eczema is to relieve the constant itching, which can lead to skin damage and infection.

Scratching and opening up the skin will lead to infection and flare-ups and for anyone who has ever had a full-blown eczema flare-up you will know it’s not nice and must be avoided at all cost.

Will eczema ever go away?

From the bottom of my heart I will I could say YES but Unfortunately, in some cases, it never goes away. In my own family, I have 3 brothers and 1 sister all of us had eczema at birth.  My sister grew out of eczema by the age of 21 but still has dry skin, but this is nothing compared to eczema. My oldest brother grew out of it altogether ( Lucky him ) but unfortunately myself ( the youngest ) and my other brother never grew out of it at all.

I still have very bad eczema which needs daily treatment and control. I have Atopic Eczema so conditions and environment affect me, the cold weather makes me worse and the warm weather improves my condition.

What about children?

Many children will suffer from infancy with eczema but before they reach school age, it can clear up all by itself. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed. In some cases, the symptoms may become considerably less severe and more manageable but the condition will still be there in the background.

Some children, however, could have the condition for the rest of their lives. There really is no way of knowing for sure, eczema has many variables and this is why it’s such a hard condition to understand and treat.

What about children?

Can adults develop eczema even if they didn’t have it as a child?


If you develop eczema as an adult without any previous symptoms, the best course of action you can take when you develop eczema as an adult is to figure out if you have any external triggers that have caused the condition and any flare-ups.

Triggers could be anything from, environment, foods, chemicals, scents, heat, humidity, just about anything. Eliminating your triggers won’t completely get rid of your eczema, but it will make managing it far, far easier.

When you first notice any signs of change in your skin, you should always seek medical advice from your Dr or GP straight away who will identify the type of eczema and give you suitable creams and treatments.

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What does the future hold for me?

Sadly, there is no cure for eczema. No one knows what the future may hold, at the moment the best option is to figure out each person’s specific causes and try to eliminate or reduce their symptoms. One thing we tell everyone is that everyone’s eczema is different, and every case is different.

What works for one person may harm someone else’s.  E45 cream works for my son but makes me worse, I use DIPROBASE. I get mine from Amazon, I’ve highlighted the link for you to make it easier to find.

Someone who has suffered from eczema for years might suddenly find themselves free and clear, while another person who has only had mild skin conditions could find themselves with a full blown flare up. Eczema isn’t fair, but thankfully we still have ways that we can have partial control over your condition and, perhaps one day, we will figure out a way to get rid of it for good.

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As a father of three, I have asked myself many questions regarding eczema and I’m sure my sons have asked themselves similar questions, like ‘ why me ‘ and ‘ How long will my eczema last’ All we can do is reassure them that they’re not alone in this battle against eczema. They can overcome it or at least control it to the stage where it won’t affect their lives too much.

You should never let eczema stop you from doing what you want to do in life, it hasn’t stopped me or my sons. Yes, it’s hard and unfair and really tough sometimes but don’t let eczema win!

If you need any other help or support we suggest you contact one of the national or government-backed eczema support companies out there HERE IS A LINK to some helpful contact details.

We recommend The National Eczema Association.  

We have a FACEBOOK group with hundreds of people and parents trying to cope and control eczema, please feel free to join today. It’s a safe and friendly environment to ask others going through similar things to yourself questions.

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We hope we’ve answered the question, How long does eczema last in adults? It may not be the answer you wanted to hear but being prepared for the long fight it better than going into it unarmed. You need to be mentally prepared for the long haul.

We at OurEczemaStory wish you all the best for your future. Good luck!

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