Can Children With Eczema Have Bubble Baths?

Can Children With Eczema Have Bubble Baths?

Bath times for children with eczema can be challenging. The thought of taking a bath when I was younger filled me with fear.

Still today I hate getting into the shower or bath because my skin is very sensitive to heat and water.

I do bath… Honest! My eczema is much better now that I’m 48 years old compared to when I was a young child. When I was younger it was very painful to get into bath water. Once I’m in the bath it’s not too bad but the initial shock to my skin entering the water is painful.

My son screamed!

One of the reasons we started Our Eczema Story was due to the experience our son went through and is still going through.

He had Atopic Dermatitis ( Weeping ) Which means his skin had lots of open wounds and sores. His skin often bleeds and is ultra sensitive to water and temperatures.

Once when he was about 4 Years old he got a really bad eczema infection. It was so bad he was hospitalized and the infection spread to his foot and got so bad they almost had to amputate his foot.

Yes, amputate!!  Can you imagine?

can children with eczema have bubble baths
Eczema baths can be painful- Make them fun!

If you have eczema on your feet, then read this eczema feet blog.

We had to bath him in a solution that burned really bad and he screamed the Hospital down for 30 Minutes getting into the bath and whilst in the bath. We had to physically restrain him for his own good as he needed these baths and the solution to cure the infection.

Then the painful process of rubbing cream all over his sore body was too much for him, he would simply lay there and say ‘ Why me ‘ It was heartbreaking.

Back home and taking a Bubble bath

Once we returned home after a couple of weeks in the hospital and things had returned to normal. ( As normal as it could be after experiencing that ) We tried to get him to take baths again.

This was a hard task because his mental fear of bathing had just gone through the roof after this experience.

We had to find a solution.

Making bath times fun again had to be the way forward. Looking into a plain, non-soapy bath made him think of the hospital. We needed something to take his mind off the thought of pain and hospitals.

We put toys in the bath and crayons that you can draw on the side of the bathtub but nothing worked. The plain water just filled him with fear.

Can Children With Eczema Have Bubble Baths?

We asked some parents who had children going through similar experiences what they did to make bath time fun and someone said… Bubble baths!

Bubble baths… They will be an irritant to eczema skin, won’t they?

Most forms of bubble baths will not be suitable for eczema. They contain many chemicals that will irritate and inflame their skin and are not suitable for most eczema sufferers.

However, They all said that there was a type of bubble baths which are made with eczema sufferers in mind.

The one we used is no longer available, It was 15 Years ago now but we found a similar product that everyone is talking about.

can bath times be fun with eczema?
Make bath times fun!

Which bubbles are safe for children with eczema to use?

TruKids Bubble Podz

CHEMICAL-FREE and EXTRA GENTLE – TruKid Bubble Podz provides an extra gentle, truly natural, super bubbly bath that pampers children’s sensitive skin. Unscented made only with good-for-you, natural ingredients so no nasty chemicals, free of steroids, leaves no icky or itchy feeling behind. Gently cleanses irritated and cracked skin.

With over 325 reviews on Amazon and 74% scored it a 5 out of 5 it has some longterm testing statistics to back up its claims that its suitable for children with eczema.

Can children with eczema have bubble baths?
Use a good baby eczema cream.
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We thought we’d put this bubble bath to the test and purchased some for a friend of ours who has a 6-year-old daughter who also has weeping eczema. I’m pleased to report that she LOVED THEM! She used 2 podz in one bath and there were lots of bubbles to play with.

She reported it made her skin feel soft and moisturized after getting out of the bath and didn’t leave her skin feeling dry like most bubble baths would do.

Remember to apply moisturizer after their bath no matter how good their skin may look or feel. Try the TruBaby Eczema cream which is perfect for babies and young children.

Final Thoughts

Bath times are supposed to be relaxing and fun, but for children with eczema, they can be a nightmare. The whole stress factor and build up to having a bath for a child can be hard as they know it’s not going to be a fun time.

So making baths as much fun as possible by using things like, bubble and toys are vital for gaining their trust that bath times can be fun.

One of the best tips we can give you is to be consistent. Have a set time and a set routine for bath times.

Distraction is a technique that parents use when their child is scratching due to eczema. It’s a well-known method to help children calm down when they are placed in a situation that they don’t like.

We hope you try TruKidz Bubble bath and please comment and let us know how you get on.

Have fun!