Signs of Improving Eczema – Don’t Stop Your Treatment!

Eczema is a tricky beast to deal with, it often fools us into thinking we are on the mend and you start to see signs of improvement. So we automatically start to relax and take our foot off the gas with treatments.

This is the wrong thing to do!

Eczema is known for going into rest bite periods where you feel better and look better. Our subconscious then tells our brain to ease off the treatment and have a break from all that skincare routines we all do. But this is actually the reverse of what you should be doing.

As your body goes into a healing stage where your eczema starts to go away and you feel better you need to continue your daily skincare routine and even step it up a bit. This is the time when your body is accepting treatments rather than when you’re having a flare-up and your body rejects and fights treatments.

Use this time to enhance how good your skin feels and looks, allow the body to store up some moisture and rehydrate your skin.

This is a great time to use natural ingredients and natural remedies to help your skin improve like oatmeal baths, dead sea salt baths. Treat yourself to some natural relaxing and beneficial treatments that won’t be suitable through a time of flare-ups and eczema outbreaks.

Why does my skin flare-ups?

There are a number of reasons why your skin can suddenly flare-up:

  • Hormonal Changes
  • Skin Infections
  • Food Allergies
  • Stress
  • Tiredness
  • Environmental factors
  • Allergies
  • Irritants
  • Pregnancy

Eczema can flare-up if you are too hot or too cold. The hardest part of treating eczema is actually knowing why you’re suffering in the first place. When you first get diagnosed with eczema you need to talk to your Doctor or GP and ask them what type of eczema you have. There are several types of eczema and we explain them in more detail here.

If you have suffered from eczema for a very long time and you suddenly experience a flare-up you, you’ll need to try and identify the cause. Have you changed your diet, are you using a different soap? Something has changed and you need to find it and eliminate it from your life.

You will see in many eczema articles and Eczema blogs that anything that can cause your eczema to worsen is called ECZEMA TRIGGERS. The is a common term used to describe anything that may cause a reaction and affect your skin.

In adults, this is easier as they can express themselves better and help you isolate possible causes. In children, it’s much more difficult as they can’t tell you when they feel worse. You have to look out for unusual sign in their behavior and skin color and dryness. Are they losing sleep? Sleep deprivation can lead to all sorts of problems if you suffer from eczema ( Atopic Dermatitis )

What are the signs of improving eczema?

Eczema is not only a physical skin condition but it also affects the mind, body, and soul. Look for the obvious signs that your skin is improving and looking more moisturized, but also look for other signs. Are you of the sufferer sleeping better? Has your appetite improved?  These are all signs of your eczema improving.

Social interaction is one area that gets overlooked in the world of eczema and eczema research.  We hear all the time that suicide rates in Children are on the increase and within the world of eczema and other skin conditions, this is also unfortunately true. We are starting to get more and more emails and letters from parents and younger teenagers who seem to be locking themselves away from the world and isolating themselves from social media, friends and often family.

Look for these signs as well, locking themselves away, not getting excited about Christmas or birthdays. All are signs that eczema is not only causing them physical issues but also mental issues.

Talk to them, read them articles on our website from guest writers to show them they are not alone. Millions of people suffering from eczema turn to social media and websites like our for help and support. Hell, that’s the reason we started Our Eczema Story ourselves. To support our son and try to help him understand he is not alone in this daily battle with eczema.

Like the title of this eczema blog suggests, look for signs of eczema improving and then embrace it. Yes, relax and enjoy the lack of pain, the lack of emotional ups and downs but DON’T STOP YOUR TREATMENTS. Enjoy trying new and natural remedies that will only help improve your skin further.

Try an oatmeal bath, a bit of relaxing comfort whilst improving your skin at the same time. Affordable, easy to do and available to everyone no matter where you live.

What support can you give someone suffering from eczema?

For younger children, you can read them storybooks like Micheals Eczema, these books are written with the sufferer in mind to help them understand they are not alone and they can get better. We highly recommend Micheals Eczema.
Adults and older Teenagers you can download our FREE eczema ebook and also share with them articles on our website that will help them understand their condition better.

Then you have social media where you can follow people as they struggle in their day to day lives with their own conditions and are brave enough to share it with others. Read our good friend and guest writer Shelley-Maries story on Tumblr a former beauty queen who shares her story to help others. Such an amazing and very brave young lady.

You have Facebook where you can join eczema support groups like ours Our Eczema Story Facebook Group where you are able to ask questions and get advice in a safe and friendly group where people won’t judge you as they are private groups with people going through the same issues as you.

Official organizations and medial support programs, these are often government funded or larger private eczema support companies set up to raise awareness for eczema and raise money for research like our favorite National Eczema Society particularly like this organization because you can ring them and speak to someone without appointments and ask questions that your Doctor may not know the answer too. If they don’t know the answer instantly they will find out and get back to you. They offer amazing support and we love them.

humidifiers for eczema min

Control your environment

Often we have no control over the environment we work in but when we are in the home we can ensure the condition we live in is perfect for our skin.

Humidity in the home is critical for controlling eczema flare-ups. We are big advocates for natural ways to improve our skin and by simply controlling the heat, and humidity within our homes and especially our bedroom where we spend a lot of our time can be really helpful.

Itching is the number one cause of eczema skin infections. We can’t resist scratching those horrible itchy outbursts. I’m no exception even at 48 Years old I can’ stop myself from doing it. So imagine how hard it is for a young child or baby to resist the urge. It’s impossible!

So control the environment around them naturally by using a humidifier. They are a natural, and simple way to control the humidity without causing damp or removing all the moisture from the air.

Read our full review on the Best humidifiers for eczema here and see if you think they will help you. I’m sure they will, it’s our number one most popular article so I’m sure people are finding this helpful. Judging by the responses and messages we get daily they are.

Conclusion: What are the signs that your eczema is improving?

Normally our blogs and posts are about when your skin is bad and how to help you fix it. But this post is just as important as all those others as this will enable you to prolong the good spells.

The times when you can start to enjoy life a bit more, long may those continue and become longer for you.

Of course the aim is to cure your eczema 100% but unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to do that, so those of you like myself that are lifelong sufferers need to grab every chance we can to enjoy life.

The main point of this post was to remind you to still look after your skin even when you see signs that your eczema is improving.

Keep up with your daily routine and don’t take your eye off the ball as eczema will come back and bite you harder than ever.

Good luck and let us know how you’re getting on.

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Jason Eisler

Jason is the Author and Owner of Our Eczema Story. His articles, comments, and suggestions are not intended to replace any medical advice. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this blog or in any linked materials.