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I entered a search on google ‘How to stop my eczema itching?’ because my arms have started to flare up and I haven’t done anything different in my routine. So why is my eczema today so itchy? Google told me that 1300 people a month search the question ‘ How to stop my eczema itching?’ so clearly there’s a lack of information out there on this topic.

How to stop my eczema itching: To stop eczema itching you will need to eliminate irritants and get to the root cause of the itching. You may need to be tested for food intolerance or Prick tested for allergies. These are the two best ways to find out what’s making you itch.

I must have asked this question to myself and my Doctor a million times and all I get is ‘ Let’s look at your prescription ‘ Well this won’t really stop the itching quickly and ease my irresistible urge to scratch. So I started to put together a list of things it could possibly be, Most of these I already knew about but somewhere new to me and I thought I’d share my findings to try help you stop your itching.

In this article we won’t go into the long-term strategy for curing eczema or dealing with it day to day, we’ll just give you some quick tips to stop your eczema itching quickly. This will give you some short-term relief. WE HOPE!

Find the root cause of the condition

Without a doubt there is something causing my eczema to itch more than normal, so what is it? We all know that eczema is a difficult condition to manage but sometimes it can be totally baffling to me.

I know when I don’t look after myself, or I’m run down or tired my eczema will itch more. But sometimes it’s a total mystery when it’s itching more than other days if I’ve done everything right. ARRRRGH Damm you eczema, you’re so difficult to understand!

Let us look at the basics of eczema and why you itch

I don't want to teach you how to suck eggs if you know what that saying means. So I hope this doesn't come across as patronizing in any way, but I thought it's a good idea to run through the most common ways to ease your itching.

You may have simply overlooked something like you do in our busy lives and correcting this may ease your urge to itch quickly. Hopefully, there may be a lightbulb moment in this article and you say ' Oh heck I forgot about that, I bet that's why I'm itching so much' Fingers crossed.

Or you may have only just started having eczema or other skin conditions and need some advice, that's fine that's exactly why we set up this website to help and support everyone who suffers from eczema.

How to stop eczema itching

Can products help you reduce your eczema from itching?

We don't make or sell any of our own products and we try not to push selling products down your throats, but we will add links to any products that we feel may help you or products that YOU the reader have recommended to ease your eczema from itching.

We are affiliate partners with AMAZON and earn a small commission if you purchase anything through our links. We are clear and honest about anything related to products on this website. This website has been set up by myself and my wife after years of trying to cope with eczema issues for myself and my son. SEE OUR MISSION STATEMENT on the landing page to this website.

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These are hopefully quick fixes to stop your eczema itching quickly


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Cold can cool eczema and reduce the itching

If you itch is isolated to one area, like my arms at the moment then make a cold compress out of ice packs, or wrap ice cubes in a cloth and apply to the itchy area. This can take about 10 minutes to ease the itch but is only useful if the itch is isolated to a small area.

Cold wet wraps can give instant relief as well, these are the ones we use and we purchased them from AMAZON HERE'S THE LINK.

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These cold packs are also great to have in the house for occasions like this.


The best way to control eczema is to apply moisturizer

If you're at home then apply a thick layer of your normal moisturizer cream it will serve two functions. Firstly it will help protect you from damaging your skin when you scratch. We all know how much damage can be caused by 10 minutes of scratching. And secondly, it will help cool the area and ease the urge to scratch.

If you not at home or haven't taken your normal cream with you, then simply pop into any shop and buy some petroleum jelly it's cheap and effective and readily available in most stores. This will offer some protection and ease the itching until you get home and can apply your normal cream

Stress is a big cause of flare-ups for eczema sufferers

When your eczema starts to itch its very easy to get worried and stressed with it, as you know you are in for a rough ride for a few hours or maybe even all day. The more you stress and worry about it the more you will itch FACT! It's easier said than done I know but try and take your mind off the itching.

You could go for a walk, getting out of the environment your in could instantly ease the urge to itch, unless its a hot day then you will need to stay in and find something else to distract you from itching.

Distraction is a good way to stop itching especially for kids

This is one of the best ways to stop itching fast! You itch more at night because there are no distractions in bed, your mind can focus on every little itch and urge to its that's why we scratch so much through the night even when we're asleep.


Don't just sit in a warm room and try watching TV as this will just lead to you sitting there scratching. Find something to do that completely takes your mind off the itch. IRONING, lol  This takes your mind off the itch and your hands are busy doing something so you can't itch plus you get all that ironing done you've been putting off all week.

Hot showers make you itch!

Take a cool shower, and I can't express this enough it has to be cool. For anyone who suffers from eczema the normal words ' Take a relaxing hot bath' doesn't apply to us. That will only inflame the skin and make you itch more. You must cool down your skin.

The cool shower will reduce the itch and make you calm down as well. Make the shower as cool as you can without being uncomfortable.

Don't use any scented soaps or shower gel, this shower is to cool your skin down not get you clean.

Control your room temperature to reduce itching

If you can't get out of the house then at least control the room temperature. Turn off the central heating and open some windows. Or if its a hot day switch on the air conditioning and reduce the room temperature. Heat is the number 1 reason we itch at home.

Take off some clothes and cool down, Myself and my son have many times stripped down to our boxer shorts and applied a full layer of cream and then walked around the house until the urge as gone and we've cooled down. Not a pretty sight I know but HEY HO who cares as long as we're not itching right?


There is no quick fix for treating and stopping eczema itching

If none of the above ease your urge to itch and the urge is there for longer than a few hours then we suggest you look at other things that may be affecting your skin.

  • FOODS: Do you have an allergy to something? HOME TESTS ARE AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON
  • DUST AND OTHER IRRITANTS: There maybe irritants around the home like dust mites or chemicals your using. Again get tested for dust mites and try and eradicate the irritants. DUST MITE TEST KITS
  • MEDICATION: The cream or lotions prescribed may not be working, go talk to your doctor and seek advice
  • INFECTION: You may be suffering from a flare-up or infection, this will need stronger treatment or left to its own devices it will take weeks to cure. FLARE-UPS are the nightmare we all dread if you suffer from eczema.
  • STRESS: Stress can cause us to itch more, we worry and our body temperature raises which causes us to itch more. Try using relaxing techniques like YOGA, or Listening to relaxing music etc.
  • TIREDNESS: In my mind, this is the one the most common causes of itching. We all know when you're tired you scratch, but for someone who has eczema, it's a vicious circle. You itch so you can sleep, then you scratch. Because you've scratched you have irritated you eczema therefor you itch more. Then you sleep less. Need I go on? You know the score, you go round and round in a vicious circle. Try to take ME TIME and grab every moment to sleep or nap, it will help you cope with those horrible nights spent itching and staying awake.
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So, What's the best way to stop eczema itching?

Well for me I go straight to my tub of DIPROBASE it instantly cools and eases my itching, Don't get me wrong it doesn't stop it totally but it feels great and it protects my skin from the scratching I can't help doing.

I get through about 1 full tub a week and it's my lifeline. Like most creams and treatment for eczema, it's not a cure! It just helps manage my condition so it's bearable JUST! Every time I walk past my tub of Diprobese i can't help using it. It makes my skin feel tons better INSTANTLY.

Conclusion: How to stop eczema itching!

I hope if your going through an itchy patch and have searched our website or Google for answers that you've found some great advice or tips that help you.

Please feel free to comment below if this article helped or if you have any great tips and advice from past experiences that will help others going through the same thing.

How to stop my eczema itching was written while I was going through an itchy patch on my arms and guess what? Whilst writing this article I haven't itched once. See DISTRACTION works LOL

Good luck and I hope you find instant relief from your itch.

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