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My name is Carl and I’m one of the editors of OUR ECZEMA STORY together with my wife Lindsey we run this eczema support group. We strive to help those battling with eczema or those that care for someone suffering from this horrible skin condition.

We are famous for our saying, “Sharing Is Caring.” We firmly believe that the best thing you can do to help others truly is, SHARING!

And… To let them know they’re not alone. Eczema is hard! We believe that knowing help and support is available. Getting access to this support can mean the difference between giving up or overcoming your battle. Building a support network around you is a MUST HAVE! That feeling of isolation with eczema is very detrimental.

We’d love to hear your story, thoughts, struggles and more about living, caring and trying to cure Eczema. SHARE What works and EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY what DID NOT WORK could really help others. Guest blogs are an unbelievable way to share your thought’s with other Eczema sufferers.

So Now We Would Love To Hear Your Eczema Story!


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Our Guest Policy!

We try not to edit or adjust any of the guest post sent to us beyond a basic spell check as we want the writing style and words to be just yours. We want the blog to be a personal blog from the heart, not some generic article style blog. Real-life experiences.

Why would you send your blogs?

(Silly Question We Know…But here are just a few of the MANY reasons)

  • First and foremost reason… You could help others
  • You may find a support network that will help yourself
  • Build a connection with other sufferers and get helpful information
  • Let others know they’re not alone in the battle with eczema

What kind of content do we want?

Your blog must be eczema, or skincare related. We are not looking for professionally written articles, we want personal life experiences from real people caring for someone with eczema or suffering from eczema themselves. Don’t worry if you’re not great at English or writing we will do the basic spell checks and grammar checks. ( My English is terrible ) That’s not important, it’s the content that’s the most important thing. The article should be APX 500 – 1000 words is optimal for google to find the content on our website. We may also post in on our FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP

Basic Guidelines for the post:

  • Please send photos related to the story, it makes a better connection with the readers, you must give us permission to use them in the email.
  • Ensure your article is eczema or skin-related
  • Please ensure to add only 2 blog post links to external sources max
  • Emphasis should be on eczema, triggers, research, skin allergies, eczema friendly recipes, and health.
  • Any information about the medicines or treatments must be labeled in the article ( expert advice should be given before any product is used) We can add this to your blog.
  • You may write any personal experience or an opinion post that must be marked clearly being your opinion only.
  • No post may promote or advertise any commercial product or service.

This is the main focus of this website

~ Sharing Is Caring ~

We hope you find the help & support for your eczema