Going On Holiday With Eczema

This is a quick blog about going on holiday with eczema.

I was going to title this ‘ Going on holiday with the family ‘ but as I sit here a couple of hours away from going to Amsterdam for the weekend I realize that my thoughts on packing are not normal.

What I mean by that is most people packing are thinking of what to take that looks good, what will be smart and stylish. I, on the other hand, are thinking about what will hide the blood from when I scratch or what will show my flakes of skin on my shoulders from my head. How many tubs of cream can I fit in the bag, where will I be able to do 3 full body creams each day.

Argggggghhhhhh !

Life shouldn’t be like this. I’d love to just grab a couple of shirts and trousers and throw them in the suitcase without a care in the world and go. But living with eczema just isn’t that simple. ( Sad face )

Eczema in Amsterdam

People who don’t suffer from eczema or any other debilitating skin condition don’t realize how much eczema affects our lives. Yes, there’s the physical side of it but also the emotional side. How down we can get over it, sometimes I just wanna say ‘ Forget it ‘ and just stay home and lock myself away.

But that would mean ECZEMA WINS and I’m not about to let it do that. I’m lucky that I have a very supportive wife and even my children understand what I go through each day. I hide as much as I can from them, apart from my eldest son who suffers even more than me, unfortunately.  He’s at the age now where go stays out with friends and sleeps over, I never did that when I was young as I didn’t want to bleed on someones else’s sheets and bedding. Thankfully he’s a strong young man and his friends are caring true friends. When we’re on the ferry today I will sleep with a towel on top of my pillows so I don’t bleed on their pillows.

What must the cabin crew think when they change my sheets, Full of blood and skin! Not nice for them… or me. How embarrassing.

I will still have a great time I’m sure as my wife will not let eczema beat me down, she’s my rock!

Do you guys suffer in the same way? I hope not but I fear you do. What do you do to combat eczema on holiday?

When I go abroad my skin feels so much better because of the heat and moisture in the air which helps my skin. I love the sunshine and warmth it’s so good for my skin. I should live in a hot country and my skin would be fine. Unfortunately, I live in the UK and the weather here is not great. That’s an understatement if ever I heard one.

If you’re taking children with eczema on holiday our blog on Natural eczema sunblock creams may help you.

Well, I said this was a short blog, must go and now and get ready to fight eczema and get seasick on the ferry. LOL

Keep fighting eczema, don’t let it win and let me know how you tackle going on holiday with eczema.


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Jason Eisler

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