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We have put together a helpful list of eczema books, Some are children’s stories which can help a child understand why they have eczema or help them if they’re struggling at school or being bullied. Also, we have found some more informative books to help you understand eczema, these are more suitable for adults or possibly teenagers.

I haven’t read all of these eczema books so please check out the descriptions carefully before ordering. Information is key, and being able to share information with others which can be vital for recovery or caring for someone with eczema is very beneficial.

Children’s Eczema Books

Lily’s Eczema Story Kindle Edition

Lily's Eczema Story Kindle Edition  

Lily, a young girl, struggled with bullying because she looked different. However, when a new girl comes to school, her life changes for the better. This children’s book traces the social problems that can arise with eczema, a skin condition. Through this story, we (the authors) hope that children with eczema learn to accept their different appearances, and know that they are not the only ones in the world that have this condition.

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Emmy’s Eczema (Dinosaur Friends)

 Emmy's Eczema (Dinosaur Friends)

Emmy has eczema. She knows she shouldn’t scratch. But sometimes she’s so itchy, she just can’t help it. One day, she scratches so much she makes her skin really sore. Find out how her friends make her feel better.
This gentle story helps children to understand what it is like to have eczema, and how you can be a better friend to someone who has it by being kind and helpful.

This paperback book is available on AMAZON $27.25

Rachel has Eczema (A Doctor Spot Case Book)

Rachel has Eczema (A Doctor Spot Case Book)

Rachel has Eczema is a reassuring story for 4 to 7 year-olds about Rachel the Rhino. Poor Rachel is sore and itchy and can’t sleep at night. After diagnosing a painful case of eczema, Doctor Spot treats her with ointments and dressings which soon make her feel better. // Doctor Spot Case Books is a series of colorful stories designed to help children and understand and cope with common ailments and conditions. Each title also has special parents’ pages at the back providing medically vetted information on recognizing and easing symptoms and seeking medical help.

This paperback book is available on AMAZON $12.23

I Have Eczema: Volume 1

I Have Eczema: Volume 1

For Emma, eczema means sticky, wrinkly clothes and lotion in her hair. Her skin is itchy, and rashy, and RED. And sometimes, she is simply cranky about all this skincare! Bring your family into Emma’s world and see your little one agree with Emma as she goes through a lighthearted day coping with eczema. Watch your child grow in confidence knowing they are not alone. This age-appropriate book gives young children control over their eczema, rather than feeling overwhelmed by it. And maybe, one day, they will grow out of it!

This paperback book is available on AMAZON $12.95

I Have Eczema…So What? Kindle Edition

I Have Eczema...So What? Kindle Edition

Maya is a 9-year-old girl who suffers from eczema. She is itchy all the time and can’t enjoy all the fun games or delicious foods that her friends do. She faces teasing, isolation, and A LOT OF questions. But along with her family, she slowly learns how to manage her condition and chooses to be happy in spite of it. This is a story about Maya’s challenges, her courage, and her family’s unshakeable love and determination to support her.

This paperback book is available on AMAZON $33.54

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Adult Eczema BooksGrown up books

The research shows that eczema sufferers spend up to $2000 on eczema treatments each year and nearly 40 percent spend more than 10 minutes each day applying topical treatments. And yet the number of people with eczema is rising and has tripled in recent years. Read our article on Growing up with eczema which covers this topic.

While it’s perfectly fine to use modern medicines to help you or your child gain temporary relief, you need to explore and ultimately follow a long-term solution. This solution involves making environmental and dietary changes.

This outstanding program offers solutions and advice that can be tailored to suit individual needs — whether it be a baby, child, or adult — ultimately you’ll be able to manage and mend eczema.

This paperback book is available on AMAZON $17.29

ECZEMA – Paperback book

ECZEMA-Paperback book

This book offers straightforward, positive, and medically accurate answers to all your questions about managing your own or your child’s eczema.

This paperback book is also available on AMAZON $7.48

Eczema Diet Cookbook

Eczema Diet Cookbook

Consuming certain foods does not seem to bring about dermatitis, despite the fact that it might trigger a flare-up since you have the condition. Keeping up a skin-inflammation eating regimen is vital to general health management. Avoiding foods is a huge part of managing your eczema, foods high in sugar, unhealthy fats, and processed foods are a danger to your health. The recipes inside this book will serve your health and give you new ideas in the kitchen!

This book is also available on AMAZON $17.89

This book is also available ON AMAZON KINDLE $4.87

A Practical Guide to Treating Eczema in Children

A Practical Guide to Treating Eczema in Children

Eczema can be a devastating condition, yet friends, family, and even healthcare professionals dismiss it. How many times do you hear others say it is the only eczema. Yet they are wrong, eczema ruins lives. Your child is suffering, they are not sleeping, you are not sleeping. Everywhere you turn there is different advice – it is a food allergy, it is a clothes allergy, use steroids, don’t use steroids. The internet, health professionals, and bookshops are full of often contradictory advice on what to do. Why is this book any different? I am a doctor who has spent my career specializing in and treating children with eczema. I am also a father of two children with eczema. As much as I have learned from my professional career it is only since having my own children that I have truly understood how overwhelming eczema can be. This book balances the professional ‘ideal’ ways of treating eczema against the practicalities of doing this in real life. There are hints, tips and practical solutions to everyday situations and answers to all the commonest questions parents ask me.

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Eczema in Childhood-Paperback

Eczema in Childhood-Paperback

The lives of thousands of children and their families are affected by eczema, a skin disorder that can vary from a small, mildly irritating patch of skin to a much more widespread, unsightly rash. While conventional treatments have given relief to many children, others continue to suffer the physical and emotional pain associated with severe eczema. Dr. Atherton is an expert in children’s skin disorders, based at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. He is also involved in scientific research into the causes and treatment of eczema. In this book for parents and affected children, explains clearly the very latest in what we know about the causes of eczema and what can be done to treat it, including complementary therapies. He also gives practical advice on where to go for help and support.

This book is also available on AMAZON US $15.32

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