20 Best Allergy Blogs For 2021

The 20 Must-Read Allergy Blogs for 2020 – By: Our Eczema Story

best allergy blogs 2020


Site after site. Article after article. It can be hard to sort through all of them when you’re just trying to find a simple answer to your question: what can I make for myself/my kid(s)/family that is allergy-free? Here is a list of the Top 20 Best Allergy Blogs for 2020! 

Allergic Child 

Husband and Wife Robert and Nicole Smith raised two children; one – their son – was diagnosed with a life-threatening allergy to peanuts and as time went on, tree nuts, sesame, fish, and shellfish. The other child – their daughter – has celiac disease along with with a mast cell-mediated disorder. Having two children with life-threatening medical conditions has given both Robert and Nicole plenty of experience in ensuring their children avoid having any allergic reactions, maintain good health, and live as close to normal as possible. Their blog ranges in topics from how to handle schooling with kids who have food allergies as well as books and magazines on the topic(s). 

allergic child

Allergy Awesomeness

Megan is a mother who creates recipes that are allergy-free and delicious to eat! Her most recent posts include recipes on how to make vegan Queso (Cashew Free), Instant Pot Mushroom Rice (Gluten & Dairy-Free Options), and Maple Cookies with Maple Glaze (Gluten-Free and Vegan Options). Megan posts detailed recipes and how to’s for each and every one of her recipes making them easy to follow and understand. Her notes along the way help answer any questions one may have while recreating some of her delicious allergy-free dishes!

allergy awesomeness

Jeanette’s Healthy Living 

A woman named Jeanette Chen started this blog to provide people with allergy-friendly foods for those who have food allergies. She provides several basic recipes that most people know and love but in addition, shares recipes for those who must follow specific dietary restrictions. Her recipes are also for those who are in need of a gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, low-residue, and liquid diets! And if that isn’t enough, she also has a whole category designated to recipes she made for her family while undergoing her cancer treatment. 

Jeanette’s Healthy Living

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team 

The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT) provides relevant and up to date information pertaining to allergies and helpful tips for parents. It has been seen that allergy safety is most crucial during the holiday season, especially at school. This site provides personal stories from parents regarding how they helped and or are helping their children live safely at home and at school while having food allergies. 

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team

The Pretty Bee 

A woman named Kelly Roenicke is the face behind this blog! She posts 3 articles weekly all about different dishes one could try if they are gluten-free. Her most recent posts include recipes on how to make Gluten-Free Cheesy Potatoes (Dairy-Free, Vegan), Gluten-Free Chocolate Peppermint Shortbread Cookies, and Gluten-Free Stained Glass Cookies. Not only does Kelly post recipes that are gluten-free, but she also provides other recipes – meals and desserts – that are nut-free and vegan free! It seems as though The Pretty Bee has a delicious recipe for quite a few food allergies! 

The Pretty Bee

It’s an Itchy World 

Jennifer is a mother with two kids, one of which suffers from eczema. When she was first made aware of what it was, she found it very difficult to manage. As time went on, she was able to learn a lot about eczema and ways to make treating it easier and more bearable for her child. After dealing with her experiences of having a child with pretty severe eczema, she decided to create a blog where she could share her experiences with others in hopes of giving families “some much-needed eczema relief”. Jennifer’s blog not only provides helpful tips on eczema maintenance but for asthma and other allergies as well! Her blog provides management tips and treatment advice for eczema, allergies, and asthma. 

It’s an Itchy World

Snack Safely 

SnackSafely is a blog that provides clear and decisive information about improving the lives of those who have food allergies. This blog has a large variety of sources to help to range from current news articles, reports and research, clinical studies, advocacy, and very helpful advice on food safety and school policies. 

Snack Safely

Nut-Free Work 

A woman named Sharon Wong is a food allergy mom, who makes homemade dishes adapted for those who have food allergies. She makes a variety of dishes like potstickers pad thai, and lettuce wraps which are not only easy to make but the ingredients necessary are very easy to obtain. Her blog also highlights some of her own recipes, techniques, and ingredients which coincide with food allergy-related awareness and advocacy issues. 

Nut Free Work - oureczemastory.com

Cybele Pascal 

Cybele Pascal is a woman who commits herself to make the world safer and more delicious for everyone! She is a gluten-free baker and makes a killer allergy-friendly cookie! Cybele has food allergies along with her two kids. She has written and published a cookbook containing all of her recipes, ingredients, and knowledge about the food she makes and their ingredients. One of her dishes includes brussels sprouts and parsnips with balsamic honey glaze to Panzanella salad. She has traveled the world which only continued to fuel her passion for preserving the culture and heritage of food. On her blog, she provides several recipes that she frequently makes for herself as well as her kids.

Cybele Pascal

Celiac and the Beast 

This site is a great place for help as well as comfort. The blogger presents her lifestyle with celiac disease with humor and relatability! She has a seemingly normal life and does normal things like go to wine tastings in Napa, California. (gluten-free tastings of course!) While living her life with this disease, she has found a lot of ways to improve her lifestyle. Now that she has her list of tricks and hacks, she shares them with others who may be suffering from the same thing(s) as her. One of the most helpful resources on her site is her recommendations of products and brands to help those who suffer from a celiac disease like her. 

Celiac and the Beast

Please Don’t Pass the Nuts 

Sloane, a woman who has had food allergies all of her life, has dedicated her time to helping people understand that having a restricted diet doesn’t mean one must have a restricted life. Her blog provides several experiences in which she has learned from. Here, she expresses the insight she has learned and with that provides guidance into her belief. Along with her knowledge and experience, Sloane also provides helpful and healthy recipes, current and relevant news for those who have eczema, and even allergy information about the foods we may encounter in our everyday lives.

Allergic Girl

Gluten-Free and More! 

Gluten-Free and More has a variety of gluten-free recipes for each day of the week in a very helpful and useful lifestyle guide. Some of the most popular dishes they provide are banana bread with raspberries and dark chocolate, taco-stuffed sweet potatoes, Thai green curry with shrimp, and so many more! Like many other sites, Gluten-Free and More have several specified sections to help categorize information specifically as possible. The categories are Recipes, Healthy, Gluten-Free Products, and Gluten-Free 101. Each and every one of these categories is listed to make it easier for you to find the information needed to make being Gluten-Free a lot more enjoyable!

Gluten-Free and More - oureczemastory.com

The No Nut Traveler

Although most Allergy Blogs provide helpful tips on how to manage and eat healthy while having food allergies, very very few of them ever cover flying with food allergies. Flying on an airplane can be taxing and scary enough but it’s even more terrifying when you have allergies; especially those who are severely allergic to nuts. It should be made more aware that people have food allergies – especially to nuts – when flying. In order to achieve the goal of ensuring that any and everyone traveling with a nut allergy is safe, The No Nut Traveler rule must be put into place. This blog retells stories and experiences, provides advocacy opportunities and even a petition requiring airlines to take action when helping passengers with food allergies. 

The No Nut Traveler

Living Allergic 

Living Allergic is an organized resource for any and all people who have various types of allergies. The website covers all types of allergies like food allergies, celiac disease, indoor and outdoor allergies, and asthma just to name a few. The site also contains information about the best way to manage these conditions along with personal stories expressing people’s experiences and what they did to combat their own allergies. Living Allergy also provides information about eating out when traveling or even when staying local! If you have any questions about your allergies and what you can do to give yourself or someone you know relief, help, or just a simple suggestion, you can send your questions to certified experts in the Ask an Allergist section of the site. Along with being able to converse directly with a professional, charts, product reviews and recalls are also listed.

Living Allergic

Food for Thought  

This blog has a clever and helpful basis for those who have food allergies. People need information on how to manage a healthy lifestyle while having food allergies, but Food for Thought stepped outside of the box and made the entirety of their blog about restaurants in which people with food allergies can eat! They provide article after article with various restaurants all across the United States serving different genres of food ranging from Italian to Mexican.

allergy eats


Nicole has a different spin on things; instead of focusing on what they can’t have, she focuses on what they can. Nicole and her family often eat delicious meals with allergy-free and vegan recipes that they all love! She began this type of cooking lifestyle when her youngest son was diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies when he was only one year old. As a result, Nicole hit the books and began finding ways to alter family recipes that her son could still enjoy along with the rest of her family! Ever since then, Nicole has started a blog where she posts her recipes so people – like her son – who have food allergies can also enjoy chocolate chip brownie waffles, potatoes au gratin, and so much more!

Allergylicious - oureczemastory.com

Kids with Food Allergies 

This blog provides information for parents on how to better manage the lives of their children who have food allergies. It also contains articles on food allergy news, research, recalls, alerts, advocacy efforts, and event updates from the staff of the medical advisory team. Kids with Food Allergies – although most haven’t heard of it – is one of the most efficient and thorough blogs providing a wide range of information covering almost all the bases in assisting parents to better manage their kids with food allergies. 

kids with food allergies

Milk Allergy Mom 

Mom Jamie Kaufmann is a mother who creates recipes that are allergy-free along with providing different ingredients one could use for their children who may have food allergies. Her most recent posts include recipes on how to make Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Energy Bites (Nut Free), Paleo Fudge (Nut Free, Vegan), and Ginger Crinkle Cookies (Gluten-Free, Vegan). Jamie posts her recipes along with images of the allergy-free ingredients she uses to make them. Her site is overall extremely helpful and provides a little summary as to what her motivation was for making the dish to begin with, which could ultimately spark some ideas for the reader.  

Milk Allergy Mom - oureczemastory.com


The Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) provides information resulting in the improvement in both health and quality of living for those who have food allergies. The blog provides various articles and sources which provide tons of information about how to lead a better, healthier and more bearable life. FARE has five main categories of information on their blog; Life with Food Allergies, Common Food Allergens, Research Programs, Education and Awareness, and Take Action. These categories not only provide information on how to deal with food allergies but also what one can learn about having them. 


Gluten-Free Goddess Recipes 

Karina started her blog to share amazing recipes that guess what? Gluten-Free! Her most recent posts include recipes and how to’s on Hot Artichoke Dip (Two Ways), Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins, and Quinoa Breakfast Cakes. Karina posts recipes like the aforementioned and provides a detailed description of what the final dish should look like before even providing you with the ingredients! Karina really persuades the reader to make each and every dish sound delicious just by reading a short description of it! 

gluten free goddess recipes

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Although there are hundreds of sites that could answer your question, these aforementioned sites are the best and most helpful answers to your question. Not only are they able to answer your question(s), but they also provide a list of close to unlimited choices as to how you can address your/your kid(s)/family members food allergies to make the experience an enjoyable and bearable one! By picking one dish from each website – one dessert and one meal – you can come up with your own little cookbook of dishes you could make frequently for yourself and your family members!

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